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(mathematics) calculation of the value of a function outside the range of known values

an inference about the future (or about some hypothetical situation) based on known facts and observations

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The extrapolation method is illustrated by numerical experiments in Section 5, where details on the method, other considerations, and comparisons are discussed.
Besides, calculation of the [gamma]-values required for the energy extrapolation method depends on the UCN spectra.
We also performed sensitivity analyses eliminating the effect of each of the adjustment factors individually and in combination to determine the effect of changing the extrapolation method.
Section 3 is devoted to polynomial vector extrapolation methods, namely the reduced rank extrapolation (RRE).
1 compares the three vector extrapolation methods RRE,MPE, and MMPE for two values of r.
SIDI, Recursive algorithms for vector extrapolation methods, Appl.
The Standard Extrapolation Method, model Q1 (19), here denoted SEM-Q1, uses a standard three-adjustable parameter model (Eq 6), and expected failure times are calculated using a statistical approach.
In Section 3, we introduce polynomial extrapolation methods.
Typically, vector extrapolation methods perform better than scalar extrapolation applied to each vector component independently.
Thus, vector extrapolation methods may have a useful role to play in electronic structure computations.