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Synonyms for assassination

Synonyms for assassination

an attack intended to ruin someone's reputation

murder of a public figure by surprise attack

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According to the statement, 'for a few days the highhandedness, brutality and extrajudicial execution perpetrated by the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) have been the topic for debate amongst Nigerians at home and abroad.
These killings amount to extrajudicial executions, crimes which Egypt has an obligation under international law to investigate, prosecute and punish.
The group maintained that it documented alleged crimes on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict including Israel's internationally condemned construction of settlements on Palestinian territory and extrajudicial executions reportedly carried out by Palestinian authorities loyal to the ruling Hamas party in Gaza.
In at least 15 of the cases, Palestinians were deliberately shot dead, despite posing no imminent threat to life, in what appear to be extrajudicial executions.
Amnesty International is concerned that the law will prevent victims of crimes such as torture, extrajudicial executions, and enforced disappearances from accessing justice, truth, and reparation.
The infantry colonel has asked for the charges to be changed from extrajudicial execution to breach of duty.
Extrajudicial executions were carried out in thirty-eight countries.
Durrani alleged that law enforcement carried out extrajudicial execution of his brother.
The 18 former officials detained at Mariscal Zavala are accused of involvement in the 2006 extrajudicial execution of seven prisoners when security forces stormed the Pavon prison on the outskirts of Guatemala City, where criminal gangs had run amok.
The PIL was filed by the Extrajudicial Execution Victims Families Association that includes the wives and mothers of people allegedly killed in fake encounters by the Manipur Police and security forces (Assam Rifles and Army).
According to the UN, investigations showed that in a number of instances since the unrest began, Israeli forces have implemented a policy of extrajudicial execution, killing Palestinians who did not present imminent threat or could have been subdued through other means.
On June 8, a Guatemalan court convicted four men in the extrajudicial execution of Bishop Juan Gerardi.
Requiring the agency to remove from the payroll any individual who engages in torture, extrajudicial execution or disappearance.
The images shown carry all the signs of a clear case of an extrajudicial execution," Christof Heyns, the United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said in a (http://www.
Though filming the extrajudicial execution does not appear illegal under Israeli law, far right activists who have lionized the medic as a national hero have vilified Shamsiyah for filming in the first place, complaining to the police that the fact he was in a major Palestinian city (Hebron) to film the military killing someone proved he, and B'tselem in general, were secretly in league with "terrorists".