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Synonyms for extradition

Synonyms for extradition

enforced removal from one's native country by official decree

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the surrender of an accused or convicted person by one state or country to another (usually under the provisions of a statute or treaty)

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In a unanimous decision, the Athens-based Court of Appeal rejected Turkey's extradition request, filed on the basis of eight charges the soldiers face in their country.
Before handing over the formal extradition request, we require an agreement that evidence contained in the extradition request will not be used in any trial in Pakistan of Syed or anyone else linked to the murder.
3 ( ANI ): Liquor baron Vijay Mallya's arrest in London on Tuesday was pursuant to the extradition request made by the Government of India based on money laundering charges against him, according to sources.
According to the Criminal Procedures Law, extradition requests are usually investigated by prosecutors, who question the suspects before referring them to the Dubai Appeal Court to look into the extradition request lodged by any external legal authority.
CBI also asserted that there was no delay from its end and made it clear that the UK court had not criticised India's extradition request during the hearing.
The Guatemalan foreign ministry would be forwarding the formal extradition request for Baldetti to the court which is handling her case.
Toner told reporters the formal extradition request from Turkey was not related to the attempted coup earlier this year but was for other issues.
Speaking to Turkish Television, he said Turkey and the US are tied with an extradition agreement, noting that Washington does not show up evidence when it sends an extradition request against a terrorist group member.
Prior to his arrest, an extradition request was received from Scotland.
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Monday said they are already preparing the extradition request to the US for the Fil-Am suspect in the death of a 23-year old Filipina in Zambales.
Spokesman for the Tunis Court of Appeal Karim Chebbi said "the decision was made after examination of the Libyan authorities' extradition request, in compliance with an agreement concluded between Tunisia and Libya on the extradition of criminals.
61) In response to Russia's extradition request for Alekseev, "the State Department informed the Soviets that no extradition treaty exists between the two countries and that it is therefore unable to grant Moscow's request that [Alekseev] be turned over to Soviet authorities.
The lawyers said they argued that the extradition request is void, because the victim in the case had dropped the accusations.
The extradition request was sent on Monday and will be transferred over to the regional prosecutors handling the case, according to Mateusz Martyniuk, spokesman for the general prosecutor's office.
with an extradition request, and if they are unable to accommodate the request the second-highest ranked firm