extracurricular activity

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educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum

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Kitchen Tables and Rented Rooms: The Extracurriculum of Composition.
Second, school leaders began giving academic credit for various aspects of the extracurriculum, such as providing English credit for students working on the school newspaper or yearbook.
The school maintained it would particularly benefit disabled and ethnic minority pupils, who do not normally attend after-school clubs and therefore miss out on extracurriculum activities.
Russell's Writing in the Academic Disciplines, 1870-1990: A Curricular History, which moved scholars outside of exclusive research into writing classrooms, and Anne Ruggles Gere's "The Extracurriculum of Composition," which provided a model for research into the local practices of rhetoric.
Students who participated to a greater extent in the extracurriculum reported higher self-esteem scores.