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Synonyms for extraction

Synonyms for extraction

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

Synonyms for extraction

properties attributable to your ancestry

the action of taking out something (especially using effort or force)

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The advantage of supercritical extraction is that we use carbon dioxide," says Murat Balaban, a professor of food engineering at the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and leader of the research team.
4 ATM of pure oxygen for 90 minutes (excluding pressurization and depressurization time) prior to dental extractions, then an additional 10 dives immediately following extraction of teeth, radical alveolectomy and primary closure.
CEM is the leading supplier of microwave extraction equipment with 40% of the total market.
Sometimes the new technology can achieve in 30 seconds what conventional extraction chemistry now requires 24 hours to do.
To determine the effect of the extractions on the precision of the results, replicate extractions must be performed.
At its core is Attensity Server, which provides the widest variety of text extraction technologies available in the market.
VP David Friedland, "FACT is a breakthrough for pulling table data into flat files -- not only for Oracle users, but for CoSORT users who relied on slower SQL SELECT statements or pricier third-party extraction tools.
Decades-old conventional extraction technology requires mixing and dispersing liquids in huge tanks or columns hundreds of feet tall.
Sequence's RLS extraction tools are designed to increase chip performance by 20 percent or more, and to improve yields.
Columbus-AMS is a component of Sequence's award-winning ExtractionStage, a suite of tools that addresses both full-custom and standard-cell extraction needs.
Sequence Design announced it is working with NEC Electronics Corporation to develop new RC extraction capabilities in Columbus-AMS to support its copper process technology at 90nm and below.
Extraction Systems today introduced Vantara, the first continuous air sampling system to give lithographers the power to detect and measure molecular contaminants at less than 10 parts per trillion (ppt).
Consistent with its focus on customer satisfaction, Extraction Systems today announced that it has updated its quality systems to ISO 9001:2000 standards, and has received certification from NQA, one of the top five ISO 9000 registrars in the world.
In a development that brings advanced molecular filtration technology to the photomask market, Extraction Systems has earned a new filter system design win from Micronic Laser Systems AB, a leading supplier of laser mask writers in Taby, Sweden.
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