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(telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors

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If nursing staff leave the HD machine in the draining phase, staff are required to adhere to the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene (Hand Hygiene Australia, 2016) and don PPE to complete the extracorporeal circuit drain and removal and the machine cleaning.
In conclusion, the calcium infusion rate correlates significantly with the calcium loss rate by CVVH, but not with the citrate infusion rate in a fixed blood flow rate of extracorporeal circuit during CVVH with RCA.
Caption: Figure 2: The various mechanisms of production of ROS with use of extracorporeal circuit.
Coating of extracorporeal circuit with heparin does not prevent sequestration of propofol in vitro.
In this context therefore, it is argued that the understanding of futile treatment should be evaluated before making a decision to withdraw treatment, and only then (if it is agreed that the treatment is beneficial) should the nursing role in preventing frequent clotting of extracorporeal circuit be discussed.
Summarise existing evidence supporting heparin-coating of the extracorporeal circuit
Blood enters the extracorporeal circuit through an access line, passes through the haemofilter; the dialysate and replacement fluids are added on the fluid side of the filter to increase solute exchange by diffusion and convection.
Discontinuing the treatment, and discarding the hemolysed extracorporeal circuit, whilst not desirable, had no serious clinical sequellae.
9% saline for priming the extracorporeal circuit in HD will reduce the IDWG, thus reducing the need for high UFR and preventing subsequent episodes of intravascular depletion during HD.
It is generally thought that this continual infusion of normal saline serves to dilute the blood in the extracorporeal circuit to hinder clot formation during the hemodialysis treatment.
The need for full anticoagulation can lead to major bleeding complications and the large mechanically pumped extracorporeal circuit provokes a significant systemic inflammatory response.
Because the blood pump is returning blood through the venous needle at a constant speed, the "backed-up" blood gets pulled into the arterial needle and into the extracorporeal circuit where re-cleaning or recirculation occurs.
Part 2 Minimized cardiopulmonary bypass equipment: Design and principles of the minimized extracorporeal circuit
9 percent normal saline, in the priming and reinfusion of the extracorporeal circuit and to relieve symptoms of volume depletion will reduce the interdialytic weight gain in non-diabetic people receiving haemodialysis treatment.
Properly occluded roller pumps and avoidance of turbulence in the extracorporeal circuit will minimize hemolysis.
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