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(telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors

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Patient direct heparinization versus extracorporeal Circuit heparinization in hemodialysis: a comparative study
Simulated circuit studies using neonatal circuits and pumps confirm the potential role of the extracorporeal circuit in altering the PK of administered drugs (29,38).
It is generally thought that this continual infusion of normal saline serves to dilute the blood in the extracorporeal circuit to hinder clot formation during the hemodialysis treatment.
It requires constant adjustments of the citrate infusion rate to blood-flow rate or ionized calcium level in the extracorporeal circuit (Apsner et al.
Accordingly, in the last two cases, the whole extracorporeal circuit was preserved, including the remnants of the heparin and saline infusions.
The need for full anticoagulation can lead to major bleeding complications and the large mechanically pumped extracorporeal circuit provokes a significant systemic inflammatory response.
In determining the extracorporeal circuit, we assume that it cannot exceed 10% of the blood volume of the child.
Pall cardiovascular products include a variety of filters used in the extracorporeal circuit during heart surgery to remove micro-air and other embolic particles from the blood.
Part 2 Minimized cardiopulmonary bypass equipment: Design and principles of the minimized extracorporeal circuit
The reverse TMP alarms were so frequent that the stopping of the blood pump with each alarm resulted in the clotting of her extracorporeal circuit.
ECMO requires the institution of an extracorporeal circuit continuous with the patient's circulation.
The cannula features a balloon that acts as an internal aortic clamp and can deliver cardioplegia, vent the heart and connect to a standard extracorporeal circuit.
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