ectopic pregnancy

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This patient's presenting symptoms were suspicious for an extra-uterine pregnancy following tubal ligation.
A lithopedion typically arises in an extra-uterine pregnancy after a 3-month gestation period; sluggish local blood circulation, a sterile fetus and conditions conducive to calcium deposition are well-recognised factors in the pathogenesis.
In 1876, John Parry, in his book 'Extra-uterine pregnancy', wrote; 'From the middle of the 11th century, when Albucasis described extra-uterine pregnancy, men have watched the life ebb rapidly from a pale victim of this accident as the torrent of blood is poured into the abdominal cavity, but have never raised a hand to help her.
An extra-uterine pregnancy was eventually diagnosed at our hospital by means of ultrasound, accounting for the previous failed attempts at induction.
Of the 43 childless women, 5 had previously had a spontaneous abortion, extra-uterine pregnancy, or first-trimester termination of pregnancy.