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a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere

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After all, we don't know for sure that intelligent extra-terrestrial life has not been discovered but is being hushed up.
ET: The Extra-Terrestrial (PG) marks its 20th anniversary and is available to buy on VHS (pounds 14.
The panic reflex derives from the automatic assumption that alien beings are interested only in conquest at any cost, based on the related assumption that whatever universe these extra-terrestrials may hail from, it is somehow morally separate from our own; that "natural law" has no meaning for beings from other worlds whose cosmos is, by nature, different from ours.
She said it was possible that humans would one day encounter aliens, but extra-terrestrial life was likely to be far simpler than the stereotypical little green men.
A third also believe one of their teachers is an extra-terrestrial.
This documentary series takes a look at another story involving members of the public involved in apparently extra-terrestrial activity.
ET the Extra-Terrestrial topped the poll of family favourites, released today.
He claims visitors from other planets could be converted to Catholicism by priests and extra-terrestrial beings might even join the clergy.
With his alien family zooming Earthwards to take him back home, he ill-advisedly admits his extra-terrestrial ancestry on Miss Piggy's cable TV show.
the Extra-Terrestrial (Collector's Edition)'' (Universal) lists for $29.
COSTA RICA are set to have an extra-terrestrial following at the World Cup finals.
The Extra-Terrestrial is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios.
The play tells the story of a genial extra-terrestrial who steps in to help save the day by making sure the Earth's celebrations for the trillennium go ahead.
Scientists listening out for signals from extra-terrestrial civilisations hope by the end of the year to enlist the help of more than 100,000 PC owners.
While a National Science Foundation Fellow at Caltech he worked part-time at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Deep Space Network projects including the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).