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However, in socially monogamous and multibrooded species like the Eastern Phoebe, the potential for extra-pair copulations may remain high through the second brood (Weeks 2011).
Because male M1 initiated another brood, perhaps he became less tolerant to prevent extra-pair copulations between the second female (F2) and the helper male.
Conversely, males maintaining proximity for mate guarding purposes should be vigilant throughout the day as extra-pair copulations can potentially occur at any time of day (Venier et al.
The female warblers engaged in extra-pair copulations with neighboring males, but only if the neighbor sang more songs than the female's steady mate.
Cranes are monogamous with long-term pair bonds (Walkinshaw 1973) suggesting extra-pair copulations should be rare.
Waiting until your own female is no longer fertile before you go looking for extra-pair copulations is part of the male strategy," he asserts.
Elevated circulating testosterone during the incubation stage may be beneficial to male Tree Swallows to facilitate extra-pair copulations (Raouf et al.
This can lead to fewer opportunities for intraspecific encounters and fewer extra-pair copulations (EPCs).
Communal calling assemblages are unlikely to have a role in social mate choice, but they could provide an opportunity for already-mated trogons to gain extra-pair copulations.
I posit the territorial male was inspecting the female as part of a mate guarding strategy, perhaps investigating for evidence of extra-pair copulations.