extramarital sex

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sexual intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another

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Percent saying somewhat or very effective Base: All adults Age Total 18-24 25-29 30-39 40-49 50-64 65+ n=1,961 n=148 n=129 n=206 n=457 n=586 n=435 % % % % % % % HIV/AIDS 42 56 60 43 41 37 31 Unwanted Pregnancies 35 49 52 35 33 28 30 Extra-marital sex 22 28 31 22 22 19 18 Party ID Republican Democrat Independent n=620 n=614 n=510 % % % HIV/AIDS 50 39 34 Unwanted Pregnancies 46 28 32 Extra-marital sex 31 17 18 Methodology
27) There is no reason to believe that married women in earlier times were more likely to have extra-marital sex than married women today.
The archbishop said he hoped that the letter would take up the issues of pre-marital and extra-marital sex as well as the rights and responsibilities of spouses.
Without violence and extra-marital sex there would be no EastEnders.
After two months in which rumours of Beckham's affairs (plural, thank you very much) were hotly denied before crystallising into graphic descriptions of extra-marital sex, Victoria has agreed to move, taking sons Romeo and Brooklyn with her.
Moreover, the so-called liberatory aspect of this sexual revolution belonged exclusively to men: it was their prerogative to engage in extra-marital sex without damage to their reputation or honor and without fear of the consequences of pregnancy.
Family values" is a political buzz phrase that denotes whether a candidate is toeing the line on a number of issues, ranging from abortion to drug abuse, from religion to extra-marital sex.
The sentence came ten months after UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay urged the Maldives to stop publicly flogging women for having extra-marital sex.
Some people just want to feel desired for a change, while others have extra-marital sex because they are angry with their spouses and want revenge.
This finding is at odds with levels of self-reported extra-marital sex by women (1-4% of women and 26% of men) and with the common perception that unfaithful husbands are the main source of HIV infection in married women.
Apuuli said 20 percent of married Ugandan men admit to having extra-marital sex but that the real number is certainly much higher.
He suggested that women who are guilty of extra-marital sex cause natural disasters, which puts a new spin on the phrase "the earth moved".
Tiger Woods has found something fun to replace the thrills of his secret extra-marital sex life - golf.
The shop manager repeatedly stated despite his regular affairs and extra-marital sex sessions, he never intended to leave his wife.
London, Aug 23 ( ANI ): Married Premier League stars could be cheating on their wives by signing up to a website looking for extra-marital sex, and planning secret meetings with a string of women.
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