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educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum

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This contract relates to the provision of transport services for various school activities, extra-curricular (socio-educational and leisure activities), social and sports as well as occasional transport from the city control group and CCAS Fountain.
Debuting in the second semester of the academic year 2009/10 and organised by the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, the Extra-curricular Activities Subsidy Scheme for visually impaired students in Hong Kong has been initially supported and sponsored by several public-spirited people from the community in order to subsidise these visually impaired students to join in extra-curricular activities.
The prestigious Shaikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance honoured the country's top students for their contributions in academic and extra-curricular activities.
This school makes students sit down on the floor if they are late in writing from the boards and it also has a habit of choosing children who study well for extra-curricular activities while the others are ignored.
Second year students Josh Naqui and Lizzie Pearson were both awarded the accolade of "Exceptional Contribution to College" for their extra-curricular work.
Extra-curricular sport is inclusive - enjoyment, enthusiasm and commitment are its hallmarks.
As part of the school's new extra-curricular programme introduced by its new owners, pupils will now undertake a six-week programme where they will learn how to kayak, canoe and white water raft.
All of this academic excellence is balanced by outstanding extra-curricular activities in music, the arts, sport and adventurous pursuits.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune on Sunday, HBKU Student Affairs Vice-President Dr Khalid Mohammad Faraj al Khanji said, "We will offer our students many extra-curricular services to help them develop not only academically but in other areas as well.
Inspectors also said that many youngsters were missing out on extra-curricular music activities.
PRIMARY school teachers union POED and the Education Ministry are close to a solution concerning teachers' refusal to participate in extra-curricular activities over the past month, following a meeting yesterday.
The average dad clocks up 43 miles a week on the school run, to friends, child care and extra-curricular activities.
SIGNAL, an extra-curricular organization for UNH business students, launched the scholarship to help its members achieve their goals of personal and professional growth.
The Awards are given to students in recognition of the time and effort they put into extra-curricular activities, such as societies, sports clubs, campaigns, committees and volunteering.
School heads, however, blamed the hike on relocation costs, stating that the new facilities will provide students with more extra-curricular activities.
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