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an exorbitant charge

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unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)

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the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

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Keeping in view the sensitivity of the crime of kidnapping for ransom and extortion, a desk was established at Police Assistance Lines (PAL) and Police Access Service (PAS) for getting the cases registered.
BETRAYAL OF INNOCENCE: Arlene/Darlene allegedly involved in the extortion racket in the Philippines.
There is a statistically significant correlation between high incidences of Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion and law enforcement or government corruption, with the participation or some form of complicity by these same groups.
101) As Judge Noonan writes, this effectively eliminated any line between bribery and extortion under color of official right, because "no briber pays unless he thinks it is necessary to pay.
20 ("Codifications of the common law that did not include an express corrupt state of mind element, such as the Field Code, may have obscured the common law definition of color of right extortion.
2010) (holding that victims of extortion can still be guilty of bribery).
2009) (noting that, although McCormick spoke only to campaign contributions, almost every circuit requires a quid pro quo for extortion under color of official right).
concurring) (opining that the word "induced" applies to official right extortion, yet is satisfied by the existence of a quid pro quo); Lindgren, supra note, at 1716 ("Thus, while I agree with Justice Thomas that the word 'induced' probably applies to official extortion, I agree with Justice Stevens and the majority that the word 'induced' adds nothing to the other elements required for extortion.
2010) (refusing to extend official right extortion under the Hobbs Act to candidate for public office who never won election), with United States v.
Sentencing Guidelines aim to coordinate the incarceration periods for bribery, official right extortion, and honest services fraud.
On March 2, 1942 the Supreme Court infamously upheld the Second Circuit's reversals of extortion convictions for the Local 807 branch of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in United States v.
Local 807 set the stage for the enactment of the Hobbs Act, the federal government's comprehensive extortion statute.
During the investigation of these cases of extortion it has come to the notice that in few cases the complainant got the case registered in order to get visas and asylum in other countries on the pretext of extortion threat.
The State police and other law enforcing agencies have increased vigil on the borders and closed many of the interstate checkpoints to stop the extortion of truck drivers.
Now almost all the five groups are operating in Dimapur for Extortion.