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a language that is no longer learned as a native language

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When they finally did reconstruct part of this extinct language, they still had gone back only a few thousand years in time.
Place names are written mostly in Manchu, a virtually extinct language, and thus requires translation.
In addition, fragments of monumental stelae - stone slabs created for religious or other commemorative purposes - carved in Luwian (an extinct language once spoken in what is now Turkey) hieroglyphic script, were found.
What does he say to a Pakistani living in Carmarthen who points out that all around him are white people speaking in an extinct language 99 per cent of Britons don't understand?
The volume under review is organized into three parts, roughly corresponding to extinct languages, modern smaller languages, and contemporary Persian.
Sarah 'Vanacular' Varga" is a specialist in extinct languages, and "Honey Bridges" voice has been used in over 20 skits on platinum selling rap artists albums.
Comparative historical linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman languages is a very new field compared to that of larger and better known language families, and some of the extinct languages are barely known.
I found myself hiding in the gallery housing The Last Silent Movie, 2007, where, on a black screen, subtitled extracts flash up of near-extinct or extinct languages, many of the speakers now themselves dead.