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a data storage device that is not the main memory of a computer

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Super skinny RoverTv features built-in timer, vivid picture, and unlimited external memory for people who like their entertainment to go
A number of the newly supported chips include an external memory controller allowing them to interface to external flash memory and external RAM.
By nearly doubling the overall performance of Samsung's MLC NAND, mobile consumers will enjoy faster data transfer speeds when storing or reading large data files whether they're using an external memory card, or a handset with a built-in flash solution such as Samsung's moviNAND(TM).
The 32-bit data bus extension function also allows the fast execution of programs stored in external memory.
To allocate sufficient dedicated I/Os for these functions, next generation processors have an ADM external memory interface (EMI) freeing up address/data pins.
The Mistletoe SoC design was extremely challenging from a design perspective, as it incorporated several processing elements with tightly coupled memories, including high-speed external memory interfaces," said Hao Nham, vice president and general manager of design services for eSilicon.
As with previous versions, the software allows access to all Microsoft Word[R] documents, Excel[R] spreadsheets and PowerPoint[R] presentations, as well as text files - whether they are delivered as e-mail attachments, external memory cards or transferred from a PC.
With unlimited external memory, RoverTv packs a 4-inch color screen with 480x272 resolution into an ultra lightweight 5oz package that is powered by a rechargeable, built-in lithium ion battery that lasts for a minimum of six full hours of video viewing-that's two full-length movies and a few sitcoms for good measure.
As an embedded memory card, Samsung's moviNAND makes it unnecessary to have an external memory card slot in mobile devices.
27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- UNiFLASH, an innovator of unlimited external memory drives for Apple and Android products, is introducing the iPocket Cloud Drive & Charger.
If we simply replace internal memory with MC and external memory we get scheme at Fig.
7 GB)7) A DVD-R lasted GOLD (100 years guarantee data storage)8) A DVD-R lasted GOLD (100 years guarantee data storage)9) BD-R (25 GB)Part 2 - Delivery of the type of external memory stick, external hard drives and LTO tape divided into the following types of assortment 1) External Drive (500 GB)2) External Drive (1TB)3) External memory pendrive / USB Drive 8GB4) External memory pendrive / USB Drive 16GB5) External memory pendrive / USB Drive 32GB6) External memory pendrive / USB Drive 64GB7) LTO4 Tape (1.
This new controller, code-named Thor, embeds a standard microprocessor core and supports consolidated, single-chip external memory, which together drive down the solution footprint.
Other major features include Bluetooth, bilingual service, BB, USB, Mail Art, TV call, ChakuUta song download, an external memory card of 128MB and an international transmission card which allows users to use the phone abroad.