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formed by the junction of the posterior auricular and the retromandibular veins

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7,10) A case of presumed pulmonary embolus from an external jugular vein aneurysm has been reported, and it would seem possible for these to occur in association with retromandibular vein ectasia as well.
We preserve the external jugular vein (EJV) when possible, but its status was not recorded in this study.
Structures in this region commonly assessed by clinicians include the cervical lymph nodes, external jugular vein, brachial plexus, SCM and scalenus muscles.
The external jugular vein is used as venous manometer, while both the external and internal jugular veins are used for IV catheterization to conduct diagnostic procedures or IV therapies.
The trachea was intubated and the right external jugular vein was cannulated with a polyethylene catheter for the administration of drugs.
Congestive Heart Failure-- External jugular veins may be distended.
Mr Morgan lost at least one-and-a-half pints of blood because his external jugular vein was severed.
These investigators used two methods of cannulation --a 2 inch plastic 16 gauge needle in the external jugular vein and a 24 inch plastic 16 gauge catheter in the antecubital vein.
The distal left sigmoid sinus and the internal jugular vein were occluded, and an emissary vein was identified draining off the left transverse sinus into the external jugular vein.
Commercially available grafts were surgically placed between the left common carotid artery and right external jugular vein in 40 animals, which were randomized to receive either no mesh or a 3 cm by 6 cm mesh placed around the graft-vein anastomosis containing one of four doses of paclitaxel (0.
Subsequently, grayscale ultrasound and spectral Doppler examination of the upper extremities were also done which showed thrombi of the right external jugular vein, left subclavian vein, and left brochiocephalic vein.
001) in external jugular venous samples and in the CBF study of the aged subjects with mental deterioration.
Thrill felt by the finger laid on the external jugular low down and also affording a bruit when examined by the stethoscope.
However, in these studies, the peripheral intravenous catheter was placed in either the upper extremity or the external jugular vein.
37 Four patients manifested significant thrombosis beyond the internaijugular vein, including the external jugular vein, sigmoid sinus, and superior vena cava.
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