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a drive with its own power supply and fan mounted outside the computer system enclosure and connected to the computer by a cable

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4 format, including external hard disk for the recording of this data
Saving your files on an external hard disk is great, but there has been a shift towards cloud storage as well," he said.
An external hard disk is connected to a device typically through a USB and has slower data transfer rates when compared to internal HDDs, which are connected through serial advanced technology attachment (SATA).
After having concluded their presentation of witnesses against the bail petition of Revilla and his plunder co-accused, state prosecutors yesterday presented before the Sandiganbayan First Division their formal offer of exhibits including the external hard disk drive of Luy.
According to 6Wresearch, India External Hard Disk market shipments have crossed 1.
Finally, the Commission found that there would be no effect on the market for external hard disk drives in the EEA as non integrated suppliers of external hard disk drives would retain sufficient alternative sources for hard disk drives.
E Alu 2S, an external hard disk drive featuring USB 3.
As a result of this partnership customers who purchase a CnM CORE external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) will now also be given a complimentary licence for DESlock+, enabling users to encrypt their folders, files and removable drives to protect against any data breaches or loss of data.
Reports can be printed on any network printer or saved on network storage or an external hard disk.
Plan ahead--Use an external hard disk or a USB thumb drive to store critical data files, such as presentations.
It supports scheduled Freeview recording to a USB stick or external hard disk.
0 Hi-Speed SATA external hard disk drive but also allows the user to browse and play back the entire media library directly through a TV or Home Theater system.
8" Slim External Hard Disk Drives in 20GB, 40GB and 60GB capacities.
The controller is designed for use in external hard disk, CDRW and DVD drives.
This is effectively a sophisticated external hard disk system.