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Among Quatech products offered by Digi-Key are its wireless modules and external device servers.
Either or both of the controller's outputs can be programmed to turn external devices on or off during or after the countdown time has elapsed.
Fixed interval and programmable interval timer resources enable commonly embedded tasks such as time-of-day computation, data-logging for system service routines, and periodic servicing of timesensitive external devices.
The PS2 also will likely use USB and PCMCIA jacks to connect external devices such as modems, digital cameras, keyboards and joysticks.
BioMedGPS, the leading provider of real-time healthcare business intelligence and competitive metrics, announces launch of two new SmartTRAK modules: Total Joints and Wound External Devices.
Contract notice: Purchase Of Components And External Devices From Pcs To Tablets Unlocked Cell Phones And Any Operator.
Additional related features include Fit to Time, user-definable frame rates, the ability to write time code to the score and the option to send SMPTE/MTC to external devices.
The XL H1 is the first HDV standard-compatible video camera that has been equipped with 4HD-SDI output terminals, enabling uncompressed HD images to be output to external devices.
This makes it easy to make connections with graphic chipsets or low-cost external devices such as PC peripherals.