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Synonyms for externality

the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

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A limitation of this study is using parameters of the external costs from other studies rather than conducting our own estimation of the external cost function relevant to the Korean case due to budget and time constraints.
18) If the external cost of carbon dioxide emissions is >$45.
Figure 3 presents the percentage of yearly external cost of C[O.
The decrease in the equilibrium rate of return tends to decrease the firms' marginal costs of investment, which works against the direct effect of the higher external cost.
Produced within the study Internalisation Measures and Policies for All external Cost of Transport (IMPACT), Version 1.
Inclusion of external cost will raise the producer price of polluting enterprise thus reducing the competitiveness of this product.
The company said it expected the markets to grow in 2007 while external costs should be more favourable than in the past.
Having said this, we attempted to estimate the external cost of compliance in the following manner.
The surveys and scientific case studies provided sufficient base to estimate external cost of pesticide in monetary terms.
And, according to the city's Chamber of Commerce, the total external cost of road transport now totals IRpounds 2.
This notion of external cost is similar to the idea of externalities associated with market activities.
obtained a net external cost of 15 cents per pack of cigarettes in 1986 based on a five percent discount rate.
The authors have done exceedingly careful analyses of these issues and conclude that the net external cost of smoking amounts to 15 cents per pack even when cost savings due to early smoking-related deaths are factored in.
When correcting for other factors, the result is an external cost With a present value of $1.
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