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Synonyms for externality

the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

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In 2013, the external cost of fossil fuel-based energy production was equal to $150/ton of carbon dioxide (CO2 ), explained Jochen Wermuth, founder and CIO of Wermuth Asset Management.
Internalisation of external cost in the power generation sector: Analysis with global multiregional MARKAL model.
An officer about to take an investigative step will be hard pressed to calculate its external cost accurately.
13), the unit external cost assumed is referred to the Italian mix of power generation, corresponding to 0.
For the problem, this section presents four mathematical models: validation model, external cost model, carbon tax model, and emission trading scheme model.
18) If the external cost of carbon dioxide emissions is >$45.
As the vehicle catalogue provides data on HC emission, whereas the literature mostly covers the external cost for NMHC emission, the question is whether and to what extent the error is made by equalizing the external costs of HC and NMHC emissions.
We are delighted that Rider Hunt acted as our external cost advisor for this project.
Noise has been also identified by the European Commission (EC) as a major source of external cost born by all people living in the affected area (EC, 1996, Green Paper COM 96-540).
The concept of external cost was introduced to draw attention to the environmental damage cost that has not been included in producer price in the 1970-ies.
In 2006, for the fourth year in a row, Michelin had to cope with continued external cost inflation: raw materials, energy and logistics in particular," said chief executive Michel Rollier.
As this involves payments to those outside the firm, we will refer to this as the external cost of compliance.
It should be noted that the marginal external cost calculations are still subject to many uncertainties.
1992) estimated that the external cost of pesticide use for the USA amounted to $8 billion per annum.
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