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a heat engine in which ignition occurs outside the chamber (cylinder or turbine) in which heat is converted to mechanical energy

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This alliance provides Ocean Power with the exclusive worldwide rights to STM's external combustion engine technology for use, initially, with desalination systems.
The STM external combustion engine is capable of running on a wide variety of fuels, including natural gas, diesel, and solar energy.
Ocean Power Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: PWREE) is pleased to announce that it has executed a definitive license agreement securing exclusive worldwide rights to STM Corporation's external combustion engine technology for use in desalinating seawater.
McGill's research in the controlled combustion of energy dense solid fuels is one of the most advanced programs in the discipline, and can possibly lead to massive technological leaps in generating heat to run micro-scale external combustion engines.
For this reason, steam engines are considered to be external combustion engines.
Immediately following will be presentations on Fuel Cells, Micro-turbines, External Combustion Engines, Improved IC Engines, Renewable Energy Options and others.
Distributed generation is the use of small electric generating units powered by mini and micro turbines, fuel cells, and internal and external combustion engines to provide alternative or standby power.
2-megawatt fleet is the largest deployment to date of commercial-sized external combustion engines using STM technology.
The Microgrid project, fueled by hydrogen, natural gas and sunlight will include the use of several emerging on-site energy technologies, including fuel cells, internal and external combustion engines, miniturbine technology and photovoltaic (solar) cells.
As VP of Business Development at DTE Energy Technologies he developed significant expertise in the commercial application of emerging energy technologies including hydrogen fuel cells, advanced ICE engines, external combustion engines and turbines.
Manufactured by STM Power, the three 55-kilowatt Stirling external combustion engines are designed to burn anaerobic digester gas, a byproduct of the wastewater treatment process that is currently "flared" into the atmosphere.
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