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a link from a hypertext file to another location or file

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The approach is demonstrated via an analysis of external links in a web-based fiction, 10:01 by Lance Olsen and Tim Guthrie.
Image of Use Strengthening external links to the site Example: Set banners in the portal site Strengthening links within the site Example: Recruitment content Introducing new products and services Introducing column content Seminar information
The network houses real estate tools and information including a variety of data, images and external links that are accessed on the network by the members' businesses.
These sites also have an opportunity to increase search visibility by optimizing their HTML tag structure with appropriate tags, as well as by acquiring related external links.
Users have controlled access to look up collateral values, geocodes and other information from within Mark IV via the institution's Intranet or various external links.
Producers will also be able to personalize the home page, move or remove items they don't need and create their own internal and external links using the "My Shortcuts" feature.
Webmetrics, a provider of Web performance testing and monitoring services, today announced the general availability of SiteAnalysis, a hosted testing service that automates the process of validating critical Web site elements, including page load performance, internal and external links, domain names, DNS servers and SSL certificates.
ca) that describes several purchase benefits offered to recent college and university graduates with Ford's Graduate Rebate Program, Youth Buyers Kit and Road Trip, through the site's external links section.
Military and commercial organizations are converting millions of paper documents to electronic files, and InfoLinker(TM) gives those documents the internal and external links that makes them easy to use.
Specifically, the product can create comprehensive websites including e-commerce, private pages, multiple internal and external links, and intranets for employees and extranets for partners, vendors and others.
home site pages plus a preset number of external links, or
The book will list nearly 20,000 sites considered most popular by the Lycos standard: those with the greatest number of external links pointing to them.
These appliances, combined with Check Point FireWall-1(TM) from Check Point Software Technologies (Nasaq: CHKP) protect Prosodie's external links on its global network.
The book will cover the 250,000 most popular URLs based on the highest number of external links.