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a link from a hypertext file to another location or file

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Tax information sites" is a fairly extensive section of the website, with a collection of approximately 200 external links.
It will also probe the internal and external links of the terrorists and identify the security lapses too.
Because the fluorescent microbeads do not require external links or power sources to provide a readout, they could be used to fabricate minimally invasive glucose sensors for people who need to continuously monitor their blood glucose levels," they wrote.
A companion website (access included) contains all the content as well as multiple choice questions for each chapter, reference lists with external links, and figures from the book for downloading.
Spiders love: lots of pages, lots of content on those pages, keyworded links, external links, and site maps.
External links to sites about water and the environment also provided.
Still dominating the stances of some Lebanese politicians, the external links have proved to be the strongest when it comes to internal decisions.
ca is available in English and French and provides child-safe functionality, without advertising, pop-ups or external links to unprotected URLs.
The Veropedia experts who approve the articles have a strict criteria: no cleanup tags, no "citation needed" tags, no dead external links, no disambiguation, and no fair use images.
Coverage encompasses their evolution, structure, use of external links, and Web design.
The paper warns against building a wide network of external links, preferring a smaller number of partners, agreeing appropriate deals on transparency and openness.
Maria Harrop, business development and external links programme manager, said: "This will give people the chance to experience international cuisine and also hopefully encourage them to have a go themselves.
Another student cited Blackboard as "limiting" her course participation, as she did not have administrator access as a student to easily post her recommended web sites within the External Links section of the course.
htm> contain internal and external links to sources of information based on subject matter and topic areas, and are integrated with the AT & L Knowledge Sharing System (AKSS) and Acquisition Community Connection (ACC) Web sites at <http://deskbook.