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an attestation that the client's financial statement is accurate

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According to Reuters, the nation has made it obligatory for Islamic banks to subject their business to independent, external audits.
Although several studies have been conducted to identify factors that determine external audit fees, most of these studies were undertaken in developed countries and used secondary data.
The Minister Ports and Shipping, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo assured the Committee that his Ministry will fully cooperate with the Sub-Committee and they are in the process of making an amendment in the law of KPT, which will make external audit binding on KPT on yearly basis.
He further explained that external audit of KTP is being conducting regularly and added that an auditor was appointed that conducted financial year 2009-10 audit and submitted the report.
My understanding is that this external audit is to be commissioned and completed within a five-week period prior to the council's budget meeting in February, which gives rise to some concerns on how a true in-depth review can be concluded in such a timeframe.
Saif Mohammed Al Shara, Assistant Undersecretary of External Audit Sector at the ministry, said the sector conducts an annual evaluation of the activities of crusher and quarry operators.
They are obliged to pass external audit and publish their financial reports.
It's also a tool that multinational companies can use to standardize their general ledgers, which facilitates the internal and external audit functions because of information comparability.
Beever and Struthers has been appointed to provide external audit and corporation tax work for a minimum period of three years.
This paper discusses issues relating to ways in which external auditors rely on internal audit work, the impact of such reliance on external audit fees, and facilitating reliance.
The third party, external audit is designed to minimize these unpleasant surprises.
The Reserve Bank announced today that the Head of Risk Assessment and Assurance, Steve Anderson, has been appointed to the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) External Audit Committee.
Surviving an external audit can be stressful, but by following some simple rules, the process can be manageable.
However, should the SEC continue the 404 audit requirement, the committee recommends a more cost-effective auditing standard limited to an external audit of the design and implementation of internal controls.
Clearly, we think CalPERS needs more oversight and I think his request for an external audit is not only warranted, but long overdue,'' Coupal said.
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