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an attestation that the client's financial statement is accurate

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Saif Mohammed Al Shara, Assistant Undersecretary of External Audit Sector at the ministry, said the sector conducts an annual evaluation of the activities of crusher and quarry operators.
It's also a tool that multinational companies can use to standardize their general ledgers, which facilitates the internal and external audit functions because of information comparability.
Beever and Struthers has been appointed to provide external audit and corporation tax work for a minimum period of three years.
In the third section, the corroboration of internal audit work is addressed The fourth section discusses how internal audit work affects external audit fees, the fifth section deals with coordination of internal and external audit work, and the sixth section contains comments about communication issues.
companies were not required to perform external audits or file external audit results prior to the stock market crash of 1929 and the resulting Great Depression.
Measuring and analyzing practices is paramount to compliance and the ability to successfully pass an external audit.
The benefits of providing confirmations to deals goes beyond eliminating duplication for price reporting purposes; it provides an independent daily verification for internal audit, external audit and government compliance requirements," said Peter Weigand, CEO of Skipping Stone, Inc.
However, if such an institution decides to use the same firm for both internal and external audit work, the audit committee should document both that it has pre-approved the internal audit outsourcing to its external auditor and has considered the independence issues associated with this arrangement.
The IRS has finalized external audit guidelines for qualified intermediaries (QIs) in Rev.
AIB yesterday confirmed that its external audit was being put out to tender - as a direct consequence of changes authorised after the muti-million euro fraud losses at its American subsidiary.
The finances of Sabena, the Belgian national carrier now owned by SAirGroup, are to undergo an independent external audit.
The University is seeking a provider of external audit services who can offer a professional approach to external audit, and one that meets all the external audit requirements in the HEFCE Audit Code of Practice.
Coordinate testing by management, internal and external audit to identify deficiencies early and reduce the numbers;
Recent SEC regulations prohibit companies from hiring out internal audit work to their external auditor, although there are certain exceptions where a limited amount of internal audit work can be performed by an external auditor--for example, internal audit work is permitted if it won't be relied on as part of the external audit.
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