mitigating circumstance

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(law) a circumstance that does not exonerate a person but which reduces the penalty associated with the offense

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First we go to the regions and have them find out if there was an extenuating circumstance.
Irving promptly falls all over himself trying to explain this incriminating statement away--describing Eichmann as a scared fugitive grasping at any kind of extenuating circumstance, and reminding us that this is a postwar document and so we have to be cautious about taking it at face value, etc.
In his written judgement, he said: "I have reached the conclusion that the decision of the Extenuating Circumstance Committee of June 30, 2005 to refuse the claimant's application for extenuating circumstances relating to her Negotiation assessment should be quashed.
In mitigation of the sentence every extenuating circumstance - if circumstances can extenuate the worst of crimes - may honestly be pleaded; and will no doubt have due weight with those whose painful duty is to hold the balance of life and death.
Extenuating circumstance number two was the over-officious refereeing of Steve Hames, who produced eight yellow cards and one red - some justified some not.
An online petition expressed concern that the University of Birmingham did not specifically refer to sex attacks in its list of extenuating circumstances under which extra help would be offered to undergraduates.
There were, however, extenuating circumstances as Sean Levey's partner lost ground at the start and also encountered trouble in running.
Judge Walsh said he was marking the case as facts proved but in view of the extenuating circumstances he was striking it out.
The newspaper was aware of these mortgage provisions, had no information about any waiver by the bank or any extenuating circumstances affecting Weintraub, but printed the article accusing Weintraub of fraud anyway.
Also their appeal structure is held in secret, whether you have extenuating circumstances or not, you will still lose and have to pay up.
The defense lawyer said his client suffered mental problems but the jury found no extenuating circumstances.
There were extenuating circumstances, however, as St Fagans also played and beat Miskin Manor in the National Village Cup by nine wickets, with Chris Lawlor scoring 99 not out.
Black Caviar's 2012 rating was 2lb lower at 130, but the panel believes there were extenuating circumstances.
Criminal case law is replete with examples of extenuating circumstances cited as reasons for lesser, or at least non-lethal, punishment.
There were extenuating circumstances because this bug has been going through the club and there were a few players out there who did their best but clearly weren't really up to it.