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a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part

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Because the open-loop ramp down of stimulus pulse duration to the hip and knee extensor muscles was almost complete when the knees of the SCI subjects began to flex, a majority of the downward movement of the body was not resisted by eccentric contractions of the stimulated muscles but instead was controlled primarily by the upper limbs to slow descent.
This suggests that it is possible to use both testing methods (isometric and dynamic) for the determination of relationship between contractile characteristics of leg extensor muscles and start performance.
The findings of this study are consistent with published studies showing that FM patients have reduced knee flexor and extensor muscles strength, higher functional limitations and increased fatigue and pain intensity compared to healthy controls.
Summary of regression analysis of static and dynamic back extensor muscles endurance and activity limitation as outcomes and socio-demographic, anthropometric variables and present pain intensity as predictor is presented in table 3.
Flexor muscles do the pulling up and extensor muscles pull the arm back down.
At the same time, strength is increasing, and the flexor muscles of the fingers being stronger than the extensor muscles, it now becomes very easy to fail to let the trigger return forward far enough to catch the link.
Among the many fascinating bits of information I learned from John is the fact that spiders do not have extensor muscles for their 8 legs.
Its conclusion partially confirms that strengthening back extensor muscles is a more effective treatment for non-specific low back pain than passive modalities or doing nothing.
Proper stretching exercises and weight training should be done prior to beginning any exercises to protect and support the muscles in the abdomen and the extensor muscles in the back.
She was initially treated by her primary care physician with a one time trigger point injection of botulinum toxin (Botox) into her neck extensor muscles.
Low-back machine -- isolating the trunk extensor muscles to strengthen the erector spinae muscles that improve posture and the ability to sit on the edge of the bed or the commode.
Remember to stretch your feet and legs as well to relax tight calf muscles, toe extensor muscles, and plantar fascia.
Our study assessed the strength of the hip abductor and hip extensor muscles of 16 male cadets at the U.
EM, the least severe of the four diseases, is characterized by an outbreak of lesions that look like "targets" with bright red borders and a blister-like center, and typically occur on the palms, soles, hands and extensor muscles.
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