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the branch of physics that studies the deformation and flow of matter

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In contrast, reactively modified PPs displayed pronounced strain hardening behavior in extensional rheology accompanied by enhanced shear thinning behavior in shear rheology.
The extensional rheology modifiers enable the formation of thin fibers rather than a spray of droplets when the fiber is spun because liquid jets tend to break up into droplets as a result of Plateau-Rayleigh Instability, For the production of sprays, one seeks conditions that favor Plateau-Rayleigh instability but for the production of fine fibers it is important to try to avoid such instability.
work is to use extensional rheology to characterize and
Extensional rheology measurements were also performed on ICP-B and ICP-C samples and the results are shown in Fig.
His work on the transient extensional rheology of LCPs is unique in the field and is basically the only data ever reported for these materials.
They characterized the extensional rheology of dough prepared using a lubricated squeezing flow technique and a texture analyzer under constant strain rates.
Thus, the aim of this work is to use extensional rheology to characterize and differentiate three selected IAC series clones and the Malaysian reference RRIM 600 along 23 tapping months.
reported the high L-content PLA exhibit considerable strain hardening during the extensional rheology.
11) studied the extensional rheology of two polypropylene melts from the rheotens test, and found that the viscosity determined from the Rheotens experiment can be used to estimate transient extensional viscosity.