continuing education

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a program of instruction designed primarily for adult students who participate part-time

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Under the leadership of our Navy customer, the Life Extension modifications will add significant years to the important strategic mission of the D5 missile," said Katharine Augason, D5 Life Extension program director, Strategic Missile Programs, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- RightNow Technologies, the world's leading provider of hosted customer service and support solutions, today announced the successful deployment of RightNow's solutions by several state universities in support of their mission-based cooperative extension programs.
Barry Sloan, director of West Los Angeles College's extension program, which also offers online extension courses, said another benefit is that the colleges can offer many more classes online than they could on campus.
The Weekend Extension Program originated from several Contractors' College participants who expressed a desire to learn more about estimating practices they could use in their businesses.
The Western Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Program (WPMEP) is something that has been needed in this region for some time," said Ray Christman, executive director of SPIRC.
The Israel Bible Extension program is a 15-week laboratory experience and acquaints students with the Israelis and their culture while studying the Bible, geography, history of the land, and modern civilization.
Now in its fourth year, the program was created by Congress to do for manufacturers what the agricultural- extension program -- regarded as one of Washington's most successful private-sector interventions -- did for small farmers in the 1930s.
Students enrolled in the Israel Bible Extension program are scheduled to return May 4, which ends their 15-week laboratory experience on studying the Bible and a chance to get acquainted with the Israelis and their culture.
In the Bay Area, this means we can keep our region's rail extension program funded and on schedule, it means we can direct more resources into smoothing the flow of traffic on local arterials or on adding carpool lanes to ease congested freeways -- whatever makes sense in a given corridor.
Joining CSR's eXtension program is an important step in expanding SRS Labs' mobile market strategy and by integrating SRS WOW HD technology into CSR's Bluetooth platform, the two companies are providing unsurpassed audio quality to consumers worldwide.
Now she helps other authors fulfill their dreams of getting published through her publishing company and by teaching a class through the College of the Canyons Community Extension Program titled ``How to Write and Get Paid.
The agency is responsible for creating the third largest Food & Beverage-based brand extension program in the world based on previous work on spirit brands.
Gamesa, represented on the advisory board by Sergio Velez, Director of the company's Fleet Life Extension program, works on the wind turbines' ageing analysis and the development of value-added tools for delivering maximum energy output levels, boosting availability performance and lowering O&M costs, all with a view to minimising its customers' cost of energy.
Rosen taught screenwriting at Everywoman's Village and for the UCLA Extension program.
The Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) will extend LCAC service life from twenty to thirty years.