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a family consisting of the nuclear family and their blood relatives

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With both an ageing population and young people finding it difficult to get on the housing ladder, the government wants to remove barriers to extended families living together.
These include resettlement of the extended families, financial relief for rehabilitation and the required assistance for shifting to the alternative locations.
It was after completing the inventory of all the issues raised by the participants that it became apparent that all the women had mentioned something related to their extended families being a part of their major responsibilities.
The pressure of males from the two extended families often forces the couple to live together again without having solved the roots of their problems.
Families of color are often markedly different from the normative, Eurocentric model and include greater involvement of extended families, more family members living together, and a wider division of childcare.
Single-family homes have from three to six bedrooms and two to four bathrooms--plenty of room for extended families.
Up to a point, extended families and relatives can absorb orphans.
After studying two extended families with a history of the disease combination, Talal A.
We can properly call multigenerational units extended families.
In addition, large extended families may accompany the patient to the doctor's office.
For decades we've grimly noted the demise of the dining room table, the death of extended families, the exodus of the young from their hometowns, and the indifference of children to their aging parents--and those trends simply aren't reversing.
6) Fewer extended families, more households with single parents.
She states that many people don't want to rock the family boat during what is typically a festive time of year, out of deference to children, extended families and personal reputations.
Stories shape relationships within extended families and between animals and humans.
Would we like to be judged by whom our extended families legally contribute money to?
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