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an art movement early in the 20th century

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The expressionists are, indeed, visionaries (as they claim themselves to be), but the reverse of the romantic visionariness; prophets of the void as a lower hierarchical stage of culture, as a pre-cultural chasm, as an agon and agony of the difference.
The chestnut that Expressionists possess no editing consciousness is thus held in abeyance if not disproved.
It is truly addressed to scholars; its first eighty pages explore the intricacies of a long-established mode of 'framing' Expressionist literature: the Messianic vs.
As students become familiar with the work of different Expressionists, they are likely to find some styles that appeal to them more than others.
Murphy's point here is to separate the radical self-involvement of the expressionists from the quietist, affirmative hermeticism of modernism, but his arguments are episodic and lack the intellectual rigor he displays so admirably elsewhere.
The exhibition consists of 100 prints by artists including Pollock, de Kooning, Kline, Motherwell, Rothko, Still and Newman, along with members of the second generation of Abstract Expressionists like Helen Frankenthaler and Richard Diebenkorn.
A PAINTING by an expressionist painter who fled Nazi Germany after Hitler branded the style of art "degenerate" is expected to fetch up to pounds 8 million when it goes under the hammer.
Even today, Pollock's abstract expressionist masterpieces suggest a dynamic interplay between randomness and precision, anarchic impulse and painstaking process.
Nor does he point to the general confirmation of vitalism seen in Franz Blei's introduction to the apocryphal Das Evangelium des Apollonios, whose text is reproduced in full, where the Sermon on the Mount is spoken from the Cross, raising its significance in keeping with the use of it almost as a ecumenical link between many of the expressionists.
Dadaism subsequently subsumed a broad range of styles and media: Dadaists, Action painters, Abstract Expressionists, Pop artists, and New Wave filmmakers all showed a passion for commenting on the underlying social relations and on the cynicism, ennui, and disillusionment inherent in the struggle to relate ourselves to a world of unparalleled and unchecked technological advance and information explosion and a social order still buried in barbarism and discord.
As to musical expressionists avant la lettre, Bruckner among others merits serious consideration.
Schildkraut, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and his colleagues charted the turbulent psychological histories of 15 mid-20th-century abstract expressionists of the New York School, only one of whom is still alive.
To the expressionists, the artist'ssubjective feelings were all - important; they sought to portray active inner emotion rather than to depict objective reality.
In a fresh take on Nietzsche's influence on Expressionism, Richard Gray suggests that both the philosopher and the Expressionists challenge a metaphysics of presence, and in mimicking it, actually advocate music, rhythm, allegory as more profound forms of 'realism' (p.
Harold Rosenberg observed that a good many Abstract Expressionists were Jewish and argued that their manner of abstraction involves a specifically Jewish sense of dynamic revelation, as well as a Jewish iconoclasm.