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conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein

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The expression of genes involved in the acid tolerance response--cadC, ompR, and fur in non-acid-adapted cells--indicates that the response was induced during storage and may have enhanced the survival of S.
We expected to see an increase in the expression of genes involved in D NA repair," Rodgers says.
Within the realm of drug discovery and development, the expression of genes develop new therapeutics, identify early warning signs of disease, and even sub-classify patients based not on symptoms, but on the abnormal changes observed in their specific cells " observes Frost & Sullivan's Drug Discovery Technologies' Programme Leader, Dr.
A patent-pending compound isolated from fresh blackberries may inhibit the expression of genes associated with cancer-promoting agents.
The development of a technique for identifying control elements that drive the expression of genes in brain cells could unleash the disease-fighting potential of the much-hailed human genome, maintains a study by Oregon Health & Science University, Portland.
The results indicated increased expression of genes encoding proteins involved in stress, hypoxic responses, immune and inflammatory responses, responses to tissue injury and tissue repair, cytokines, and chemokines.
The invention also provides methods for the identification, activation, isolation, and/or expression of genes undiscoverable by current methods since no target sequence is necessary for integration.
Results suggested that targeted expression of genes by Langerhan's cells is possible using a promoter specific for dendritic cells.
WellGen's technical platform is a method of screening the effect of food and related substances on the expression of genes associated with human health conditions.
Expression of genes hypothetically involved in the temperature adaptation will be also studied in different body tissues, after short and long term exposure to a temperature higher than natural.
Washington, Feb 2 ( ANI ): Researchers have identified abnormal expression of genes, resulting from DNA relaxation, that can be detected in the brain and blood of Alzheimer's patients.
Those suppressive effects were accompanied by significantly decreased expression of genes encoding COX-2 or IL-8 as well as COX-2 protein.
To test the hypothesis that altered expression of genes related to cell cycle control, apoptosis, and DNA damage may contribute to the carcinogenicity of furan in rodents, Chen et al.
The switches then control the expression of genes necessary for making those metabolites.
In addition to a reduction in genes important for cognitive function, there was an elevated expression of genes that are associated with stress and repair mechanisms and genes linked to inflammation and immune responses.