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conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein

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After the GO annotation, 9,392 expressed genes containing SNPs were assigned with one or more GO terms.
today announced that its Molecular Indexing(TM) technology enables the absolute quantification of the starting copy number of an expressed gene, or RNA transcript, in an RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) library.
Based on this background knowledge, SEGS automatically formulates biological hypotheses: rules which define groups of differentially expressed genes.
The results demonstrated that there were 246 and 63 differentially expressed genes in forward library (BTCC group) and reverse library (control group), respectively (Fig.
2006) to identify differentially expressed genes in each tissue at each time point for the two different doses of methapyrilene (Table 1).
The breakthrough lays a foundation for understanding which proteins are produced from the expressed genes.
By treating Sca-1 cells from the hearts of adult mice with oxytocin, the group found that the cells expressed genes of cardiac transcription factors and started beating spontaneously in four weeks, according to a report by the researchers published recently in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Also important is validation of differentially expressed genes by independent methods.
The hybrid system, combining both DNA purification and DNA amplification will be used in determining the DNA sequence of a large number of expressed genes from canola and wheat - both multi-billion dollar crops of central importance to agriculture in Canada.
In December 1999, Genzyme Molecular Oncology announced that it had provided researchers at the Johns Hopkins University with an extensive database of new SAGE information regarding the patterns of expressed genes in human cancer and normal tissues.
Using the high throughput functional genomics applications developed from the RAGE technology, Athersys is able to identify and functionally characterize tightly regulated and rarely expressed genes, as well as more broadly expressed genes.
Earlier cell-culture studies by Reba Goodman of Columbia University's Health Sciences Center and Ann Henderson at Hunter College revealed an ELF-related increase in the DNA transcription rates of normally expressed genes in human white blood cells and in salivary-gland cells from fruit flies, Goodman says.
Alignment, variant and indel detection, powerful statistical algorithms, identification of differentially expressed genes, chromosome viewer, and visualization tools such as 3D PCA, charts, and graphs that delve deeper into data quality are all tools at the researcher's disposal.
After experimental validation, we also examined the relationships and the effects of regulations (positive, negative, and unknown) among the significantly differentially expressed genes based on data in the literature.
To do this they measure protein-encoding messenger RNA that arises from transcription of the DNA template of expressed genes.