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Synonyms for customs

import charges


Synonyms for customs

money collected under a tariff

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Anis Majeed: Import and export duties are key factors by which government earns revenue, controls imports and exports along with smuggling of commodities.
According to the decree, the value of the export duties on ultra-fine talcum powder (50 microns and less) is EGP 300 per tonne.
The Ministerial Committee decided to stop collecting export duties on steel factories for two years, as well as to reduce export duties for cement factories by 50%, as per the approved minutes of the Ministerial Provisioning Committee.
European steel firms have to import much of their iron ore, and say Iranian export duties would amount to protectionism.
The new regulations permit the continuation of copper concentrate exports for a five-year period through January 2022, subject to various conditions, including conversion from a contract of work to a special operating license, commitment to completion of smelter construction in five years and payment of export duties to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.
2) To set the rates of export duties on ores and concentrates of precious metals classified by the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) 2616;
As well as increasing the extraction tax and lowering most export duties, the three-year plan will also cut gasoline excises to prevent jumps in domestic prices.
That means our export duties with them will not be used," Shuvalov said in Minsk.
However, the GCC suspended talks at the end of 2008 following disagreements about clauses addressing export duties and human rights.
I can say that almost 99 per cent of the items have being agreed and only one issue related to export duties is currently being reviewed before any decision is reached," he added, speaking at a Press conference on the sidelines of a GCC-European Union (EU) meeting at the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel and Spa.
According to a majority of MEPs, the deal on tariff-rate quotas will boost supply from Russia, which has agreed to cut export duties from current levels and grant the EU "relatively large" quotas for lower-duty Russian exports.
Ruble revenue before deducting export duties and excise taxes grew by 5.
Customs and Excise Director General Agung Kuswandono said income in export duties in the first five months of the year totaled Rp8.
A World Trade Organization (WTO) appellate body has upheld a ban on Chinese export duties for certain raw materials, including a variety of resources used in the metalcasting process.
According to the report, China imposes export restraints such as export duties and quotas on metal resources including bauxite, a raw material of aluminum, and silicon carbide, which is used for semiconductors and other products.
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