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Synonyms for customs

import charges


Synonyms for customs

money collected under a tariff

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at a Belarus summit bringing together heads of state of former Soviet nations that Moscow was prepared to scrap oil export duties for all members of the Customs Union, despite the loss of revenue this would entail for the country's budget.
All issues regarding the EU-GCC FTA are done except the point on export duties, which is the only outstanding issue.
Kudrin said if the price of oil stayed between $20 and $25/b, export duties would increase from 35% to 45% of the difference between $20 and the actual price.
The following Nicaraguan products are assessed zero export duties by Mexico under the FTA: Peanuts, Sesameseed, Fish, Shrimp, Lobster, Yucca (Cassava), Melons, Watermelons, Pitahaya (Nicaraguan Exotic Tropical Fruit) - Honey, Rum (From Sugar Cane), Soluble Coffee, Hides and Skins (Bovines), Leather Products, Brooms, Wood, Lumber, Hammocks, Carton Boxes, Ribbon Printers, Rattan Furniture, Chalks;
1) Subject to exchange rate fluctuations and applicable export duties.
The parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy approved the proposal to establish the rates of export duties on goods exported from the territory of Kyrgyzstan in the first reading on April 28.
Effective with the signing of the MOU, PT-FI has agreed to pay export duties set forth in a new regulation issued in July 2014, to provide a $115 million assurance bond to support its commitment for smelter development and to increase royalties to 4.
Ruble revenue before deducting export duties and excise taxes grew by 5.
China imposes a set of export restrictions, including export quotas, export duties and additional requirements that limit access to these products for companies outside China.
The letter urged Kirk to lead the global trading community in addressing the issue of restraints on exports of raw materials, pointing to India's recent quadrupling of export duties on certain types of iron ore and Russia's announcement that it will limit exportation of iron and steel scrap through only certain ports.
Borisov said that in the short term, pressure to keep prices down will prompt producers to send more diesel and petrol to Europe but that after export duties on products and crude oil are adjusted later this spring, more crude could be exported.
Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan have formed a customs union and are moving towards scrapping oil export duties between each other.
The government has recently adopted a resolution introducing a customs export duty on crude oil and increase customs export duties on oil products.
SAINT PETERSBURG: Russia will not raise its export duties on timber in 2010, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Sunday at talks with his Finnish counterpart amid a trade row with Finland over the taxes.
Egypt's Trade Ministry said on Monday it has doubled export duties on rice to 2,000 Egyptian pounds ($358) per tonne.
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