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a duty imposed on exports

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According to the Oxford Dictionary of Economics (2009), an export levy is a duty/ tax charged on exported goods.
Argentina has low domestic gas prices -- at around $2 per million British thermal units (mmBtu) -- and an export levy on crude oil, which caps the crude price realisation at around $40 per barrel, CLSA analyst David Hewitt wrote in a note, making the deal less attractive in terms of margins.
There was some speculation in May that exporters were holding back coffee, expecting the export levy to be reduced.
No decision had been taken by the government on whether or not to apply an export levy to coal, Minister of Mineral Resources Susan Shabangu said on Wednesday.
While the average value is below the threshold causing bounty payments to be paid, no export levy is payable.
The Minister of Finance is expected to table the Export Levy bill in Parliament within the next few months.
He explained that the placement of the environmental levy and the export levy on raw materials were both predictable.
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