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a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent

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We show theoretically and numerically that when the first integral and the matrix exponentials are computed accurately, the method converges quadratically.
The Prony method seeks to fit a deterministic exponential model to the data in contrast to AR and ARMA methods that seek to fit a random model to the second order statistics (Zbigniew Leonowicz et al.
Exponential and natural logarithm formulas differ from conventional appraisal compounding and discounting in that conventional appraisal formulas are periodic while exponentials and natural logarithms are continuous.
Since simple graphs are assemblies of connected simple graphs, it is well known that the exponential generating series, G(x), which counts simple graphs, satisfies G(x) = exp([G.
The term multiplicative refers to the fact that the exponentials of the instantaneous utilities multiply each other.
It should be pointed out that the exponentials appearing on the right-hand sides of the above inequalities are understood to be taken component wise and 1 = (1,1,.
Measuring the dependent variables in logarithms enabled interpretation of the exponentials of the model coefficients as the percent difference in costs relative to that of the reference group, which also facilitates interpretability across models with different dependent variables.
Decision making with hybrid influence diagrams using mixtures of truncated exponentials, European Journal of Operational Research 186(1): 261-275.
The peculiar RRRs in the case of under-qualification are due to the higher coefficient values of the occupational groups, and the exponentials of these coefficients yield even higher values.
1 Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; Exp([beta]), exponentials o the regression parameter [estimates.
The sum of the coefficients before the exponentials is 81 in Equation 20.
A kernel [phi] (x, y) is able to reproduce exponentials up to order M and N along the x and y axes respectively, if there exists coefficients [c.
Again, we can employ Euler's formula to rewrite the trigonometric functions in terms of exponentials, namely, using [e.
The odds ratios--that is, the exponentials of the corresponding coefficients--are reported in Table 2.
explores the extensions, digressions and supplementary topics that are often ignored during tradition curriculum such as additional properties of polynomials, rational functions and exponentials.