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  • verb

Synonyms for explore

travel around


Synonyms for explore

to go into or through for the purpose of making discoveries or acquiring information

Synonyms for explore

travel to or penetrate into

examine minutely

examine (organs) for diagnostic purposes

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We're excited to help NetShepherd provide Internet Explorer users with access to innovative filtered searching capability.
The MECC Inter@ctive Explorer Series combines Internet and multimedia resources to form a collection of thematic, interdisciplinary programs that enable teachers to easily bring dramatic, real-life, curriculum-rich events into their classrooms.
The New Explorers is expected to produce a significant income stream for our company in coming years," Fox said.
Sponsored by Whiteman Airport and the San Fernando Valley Ninety-Nines (the International Organization of Women Pilots), the Aviation Explorer program is open to young people, ages 14 to 21.
The investigation into accidents involving the Explorer by Idecu, Venezuela's consumer protection agency, has been sharply criticized by Ford as being biased and politically motivated, yet Venezuelan officials continue to criticize the safety of the Ford Explorer, even those vehicles sold without Firestone tires.
9,000 Explorers embarked on naval ships for short training cruises
The Explorers Club supports scientists and explorers with expedition resources and encourages public interest in exploration and the sciences.
Before you become an Explorer, you have to pass an 18-week academy; I train recruits who are trying to become Explorers,'' said Campbell, who gets to the Lancaster station at 5 a.
The next 10 years saw only 21 Explorers, eight of them in earth sciences.
More than $29 million dollars was awarded to Rose Munoz, a 22-year-old woman who was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic as a result of product defects in the Ford-designed Explorer, sold as a Mazda Navajo, and the Firestone tire on the vehicle.
The Explorers won third place in the Marijuana Field Raid, which consisted of ex-military suspects growing marijuana.
BOSTON -- State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), the world's leading provider of services to institutional investors, today announced its arrangement with Data Explorers Limited, providers of an independent securities lending performance measurement service.
Le, Manzano and Ranger also noted that the Explorers continue to follow strict guidelines to ensure both their safety and the safety of patients.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Polar Explorers and Former Schoolteachers Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen to Ski, Sail and Swim 1,240 Miles over 100 Days; Millions of Schoolchildren Expected to Follow the Expedition
a provider of globally proven intrusion prevention and IP intercept solutions, today announced that its high performance DCFD IP Interception and IDS Balancer (IDSB) aggregation, filtering and balancing ASIC-based appliances have been chosen as hardware solutions for a new offering from Forensics Explorers, a division of ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ: MANT).