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  • verb

Synonyms for explore

travel around


Synonyms for explore

to go into or through for the purpose of making discoveries or acquiring information

Synonyms for explore

travel to or penetrate into

examine minutely

examine (organs) for diagnostic purposes

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Ford exports Explorers to Europe, the Middle East Gulf Cooperative countries, Puerto Rico, Japan, Mexico and Latin America.
BOSTON -- State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), the world's leading provider of services to institutional investors, today announced its arrangement with Data Explorers Limited, providers of an independent securities lending performance measurement service.
The Explorers won third place in the Marijuana Field Raid, which consisted of ex-military suspects growing marijuana.
3 million Explorers, we have never been able to build enough to meet the demand," he added.
However, a series of satellites called Explorers long has followed a different budgetary path.
Ford Motor Company should no longer hide its role in the design of the Firestone tires sold as original equipment on Ford Explorers and Mazda Navajos," said Roger S.
2) Paramedic Lou Manzano talks with Explorers about their exams.
That was his reaction on learning how many Explorers Ford dealers would be ordering for production during the 1993 model "balance-out.
a provider of globally proven intrusion prevention and IP intercept solutions, today announced that its high performance DCFD IP Interception and IDS Balancer (IDSB) aggregation, filtering and balancing ASIC-based appliances have been chosen as hardware solutions for a new offering from Forensics Explorers, a division of ManTech International Corporation (NASDAQ: MANT).
0-million-square-foot plant, which builds 1,700 Explorers and Rangers compact pickup trucks daily, remains at 3,600.
Ling's deep-sea journey represents the culmination of a long and challenging effort by underwater explorers Greg Stemm and John Morris, business partners at Odyssey Marine Exploration (AMEX:OMR), who have spent more than 12 years searching for the treasure-laden ship.
When the week was up, Precht was among four dozen to graduate from the California Highway Patrol's Explorers Academy, a 75-hour course held at the Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro.
In February 2001, world-class polar explorers and former schoolteachers Ann Bancroft (48, Scandia, Minn.
The eligibility of UCLA freshmen basketball players Schea Cotton and Baron Davis will not be affected by their purchase of Ford Explorers, according to the NCAA's enforcement director.
Thales Navigation has donated Magellan GPS receivers and software as part of its partnership with the Federation of Galaxy Explorers, a national non-profit organization that furthers children's education in space-related science and engineering, both inside and outside the classroom.