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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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doctors detected that his son's intestines were swelling and twisting and they began exploratory surgery.
Bateman underwent immediate exploratory surgery to remove the foreign objects.
The 20-year-old underwent exploratory surgery last night to assess the extent of the cruciate knee ligament injury suffered at Watford on Tuesday.
Mr Mole said Sarah underwent exploratory surgery yesterday.
In January, Christie underwent exploratory surgery and congenital bands which were discovered behind both knees were then released.
Frances McCluskey told yesterday how she wentinto Wishaw General Hospital for exploratory surgery on her left knee.
A suburban Chicago woman, suffering from gall bladder cancer, sued Northwestern Memorial Hospital today after tests revealed that doctors had left five, separate 12-inch by 12-inch surgical pads inside her after exploratory surgery in January.
Nicol goes into hospital this morning for exploratory surgery in a bid to identify the knee problem which has kept him out of action since Scotland's summer tour to New Zealand.
The exploratory surgery revealed softening of cartilage but no tears.
In animals, MRI reduces the use of exploratory surgery and reduces or eliminates unnecessary or inappropriate treatments.
It added: "It was a life-threatening condition of such uncertainty it necessitated exploratory surgery.
She will have exploratory surgery the following day and five days later will undergo a 16-hour operation.
RICHARD HILL underwent exploratory surgery yesterday evening to determine his chances of featuring for England in next month's autumn internationals against Canada, Australia and South Africa.
Kirsty had three hours of exploratory surgery on Wednesday, her second birthday, at St James's Hospital in Leeds.