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hard disk

Synonyms for memory

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

Synonyms for memory

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While their attention was divided, the younger people performed as their elders did - better on implicit than explicit memory.
It was also limited to those without explicit memory of the sheep.
One of the problems with many implicit memory tests is their failure to control for contamination by explicit memory.
While explicit memory of intraoperative events is generally assumed to result from error in anaesthetic administration, implicit memory might persist during adequate anaesthesia and have effects on postoperative behaviour.
Activities requiring more procedural memory ability and less explicit memory ability are recommended for those in AD's middle-to-late stages.
Dissociations in infant memory: Rethinking the development of implicit and explicit memory.
Repetition priming in adults with Williams syndrome: Age-related dissociation between implicit and explicit memory.
The study found that in children with diabetes, implicit memory did not differ from controls, but explicit memory was affected, Dr.
Implicit and explicit memory for threat words in high- and low-anxiety-sensitive participants.
This opens the door for error and distortion of the implicit memory in the explicit memory system.
As research proceeded through the 1980s, the subtle staying power of implicit memory and the relative fragility of explicit memory grew more evident.
Jacoby regards data from implicit and explicit memory experiments as potentially misleading.
Direct tasks require the participant to access specific, previously stored material in order to comply with the instructions, and would therefore be mediated by explicit memory processes.
Despite the fact that directed-forgetting effects have been attributed to either retrieval inhibition or selective encoding, there has been no compelling evidence to suggest that either mechanism regulates performance in both implicit and explicit memory.
Directed forgetting is demonstrated by poorer memory performance for F-cued words, as compared with R-cued words, on either implicit or explicit memory tests.
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