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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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The exchange of expert opinions is probably the most time-consuming part of the judicial processing here.
Next 5-border coordination services for the development of the structural concept of the expert opinion of lots 1 to 4, its organization and implementation as well as the further preparatory studies are performed in Los.
Petitioners usually contend that such material is admissible, arguing it is consistent with the professional reliability exception to the hearsay rule which, when met, allows expert opinion, even if hearsay, to be admissible at trial.
After hearing views of both sides, the bench in its order directed the Election Commission of pakistan (ECP) to transmit nomination papers and Sanad of Zahoor Hussain Khan Khosa, MPA elect from PB-26 Jaffarabad II, to the HEC for furnishing expert opinion as to whether the Sanad filed by the respondent with the returning officer during election of 2008 was equivalent to a graduation degree.
It's important that we get the best opinion possible and indicate that it is expert opinion and not based on the results of a randomized, controlled trial.
In fact, well-synthesized expert opinion from a panel of world leaders may provide invaluable information, as may well-written case reports.
Not only are juries deprived of citation to literature because of its status in Florida as "hearsay," but judges have been reluctant to look to literature as a means of disallowing expert opinion testimony when that testimony is based on pure opinion.
Chapters cover the legal principles involved, qualification of expert witness, foundation for the expert witness, direct and cross-examination, standards for expert opinion, subjects of the opinion, conflicts of interest, expert misconduct, ethical issues and working with expert witnesses.
Four possible scenarios are presented based on expert opinion, scanning and monitoring, and extrapolation of trends.
Each publication is available in print and in various online formats, with most of them also offering full-text key court documents--either in the newsletter itself or through onlione "one-click" links--in addition to news coverage and expert opinion.
Similarly, the entire issue of expert opinion for medical-legal claims taints our profession.
Our texts are based on professional advice, published experience, and expert opinion, but do not represent individual therapeutic recommendation or presecription.
Expert opinion, like any other evidence, must be relevant to the issue being litigated before it can be received.
The ex pert discussion section of the final rules implies that the expert opinion the SEC contemplates would take place in a judicial or regulatory proceeding, not as part of an offering statement.
Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, patients and clinicians have trusted expert opinion to guide decisions about treatment.
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