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a witness who has knowledge not normally possessed by the average person concerning the topic that he is to testify about

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From facial mapping to sexsomnia, from fingerprints to post mortem examinations, the seminar will consider the way in which expert evidence is constructed for and presented to a criminal court, and in particular to a jury.
The judge granted summary judgment for the defense after he excluded Valente's expert evidence following a Daubert (26) hearing on the reliability of the methods the expert used in arriving at his conclusions.
We have had some further expert evidence which is being considered by an independent barrister," she said.
The trial court granted the motion on the grounds that the patient did not produce any expert evidence to contradict the hospital's expert.
The committee members listened to the evidence put forward on behalf of the GOC which included expert evidence and, without having to consider our member's response to the allegations, found that Mr King was not guilty of misconduct and that his fitness to practise is not impaired.
Last year a spokesman for the CCRC announced: ''Having carried out a thorough review of Mr Noye's case, that has included consideration of the pathology evidence at trial and new expert evidence acquired since the original decision in October 2006, the Commission has decided to refer Mr Noye's conviction to the Court of Appeal on the grounds that there is a real possibility that the court may quash the conviction as unsafe.
Adjourning the case, he said: "I would not be prepared to release this applicant until I have expert evidence on the issue of risk.
According to the parents, the special master erred by discounting their expert evidence showing a link between MMR and autism, while allowing the government's expert evidence to the contrary.
expert evidence establishes that exposure to the elements without adequate protection is associated with significant health risks, including hypothermia, a potentially fatal condition;
Expert evidence will be outlined at an independent hearing tomorrow which will recommend if the Government should reopen a public tribunal in to the killer fire.
Other expert witnesses, Dr Niels of Oxera Consulting, for Amrac, and Dr Bishop of CRA International, for SIS came in for implied criticism when Mr Justice Morgan noted that they "went beyond the normal scope of expert evidence, as I understand it".
As with other expert evidence, except where the issue related solely to paternity testing, a letter of instruction should be sent to the company, setting out in clear terms precisely what relationships were to be analysed and, where possible, the belief of the parties as to the extent of their relatedness.
And they accused lawyers of lacking in "objectivity" and ignoring expert evidence.
They said the GMC had failed the doctors by not bringing in other expert evidence and failing to hear a balanced case.
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