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This historical review of the expulsion of the Germans from eastern Europe at the end of World War II gives the statistics recited above about the numbers of expellees and of those who died, but 50 Theses is not the place where de Zayas gets into the human details such as are bound to be revealed in the "tens of thousands of individual testimonies" contained in the German Federal Archives.
As they spoke of the importance of homeland, the expellees employed a trope that was common currency in West German society.
Once the Israeli peace camp could expect international largesse to resettle the expellees, but the current global financial crisis and the prevailing winds of austerity dash such optimism.
8) On the centrality POWs and expellees in West German memory, see Moeller, War Stories.
Today, an influential German group, the Union of Expellees, is once again demanding compensation for being expelled.
In West Germany, national victims were neither Communists nor Jews, but only "good Germans," such as expellees, POWs, or victims of Allied air bombings.
They had come to Germany before the war under voluntary and forcible Nazi-resettlement schemes, during the war in flight from the Red Army, and after the war as expellees and deportees.
However today the term diaspora refers to much wider categories: "It now encompasses a motley array of groups such as political refugees, alien residents, guest workers, immigrants, expellees, ethnic and racial minorities, overseas communities.
Her paper points to another particularly sobering comparison between Iraq and Nazi German noting that in May 1945, when the German Reich surrendered, the country was devastated and in chaos: 14 million refugees and expellees streamed into what remained of Germany.
Benvenisti and Zamir point out that this is normal international procedure and that during population transfers in India, Pakistan, and cases in Europe that they enumerate, "immovable property left by expellees was seized by the Governments, which then used it to settle the incoming refugees.
About twenty thousand Sephardic expellees, among them historians, physicians, scientists, merchants, goldsmiths, artisans, a printer, highly qualified military experts, and gun casters took refuge in Morocco.
Despite the war dead, the influx of refugees and expellees saw a sharp rise in the general population.
Some refugees stayed in Bosnia-Herzegovina as so-called "domestic expellees," while others fled, mainly to Sweden and Germany, as these countries were accepting large numbers of refugees at the time.
This "memory work" was shaped by widely circulated stories about two common German victim groups at the end of the war: expellees (Vertriebene: German nationals who had settled in the East and were then driven out by the encroaching Red Army) and POWs (German Wehrmacht soldiers who had been interned in Soviet prison camps, and were estimated to have numbered in the millions).
24) Consequently, the allies enforced the settlement of the expellees and the citizenship status of the resettled ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche).