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a passenger ship used commercially for pleasure cruises


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The luxury expedition ship Silver Explorer starts 2013 with cruises to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.
HurtigrutenOs deluxe expedition ship MS Fram accommodates 318 guests in suites and staterooms and features a restaurant, two bars, panoramic lounges library, and Internet caf and conference rooms.
There has been no film made so far but since remains of the expedition ship and the mummified crew were discovered by archaeologists only this July watch this space.
China's expedition ship Xue Long (Snow Dragon) returned to Shanghai on April 8, bringing home 204 members of the scientific team.
The expedition ship Endurance became frozen into an icefloe in January, 1915.
Professor Dowling said opportunities were ripening to operate an expedition ship or series of smaller cruise ships for travel between South East Asia and Australia's western and northern coastline.
Oceanographers on the expedition ship Conrad in the tropical Pacific that autumn caught the error when they measured ocean temperatures directly.
The allegations came after its expedition ship MV Arctic Sunrise docked in the southeastern Australian port Melbourne following six weeks of shadowing the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica.
As part of this effort, Mission Antarctica has invited sponsoring companies to send employees to visit the clean-up operation onboard its expedition ship, a round-the-world yacht named '2041'.
A civic group in a town in Akita Prefecture, northeastern Japan, said Wednesday it will set up an organization in June to advocate Akita port as the final resting place for Japan's Antarctic expedition ship Shirase.
The game takes its name from the expedition ship in the ancient myth of Hercules, Orpheus and other heroes.
All being well, Charles will have today begun the Journey down to Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina before boarding expedition ship, Polar Pioneer, on February 10.
MV Akademik Shokalskiy, a Russian science expedition ship, has been stuck in dense ice for more than a week, while Chinese icebreaker Xue Long (Snow Dragon) -which went for Shokalskiy's aid - also found itself trapped in the ice, after it sent a helicopter on board to successfully rescue 52 passengers from the Russian ship.
The Fram is an unusual cross between a large expedition ship and a small cruise ship with a maximum of 300 passengers and a hull strengthened against the ice.
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