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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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Figure 2 contains expected values for the Massmillions game.
We did make a simple mathematical error in calculating the percentages in Figure 1, and the expected values were calculated incorrectly for Tables 1-3.
The expression states that individual expected values will increase (decrease) as the lottery price increases if the elasticity of entry is greater (less) than the reciprocal of the percentage difference between the individual private value and the lottery price.
Therefore, if Jenkins uses expected values as the basis for his decision, he will choose the middle path of ordering 200 cartons for his day's trading.
Expected values are used to compare the general tendencies one can logically anticipate when selecting different alternatives in a decision problem.
If auditors are spending so much time on the rote parts of an audit, such as calculating expected values, then little, if any, time is left for a broader analysis of the business.
Under a probability-weighted "expected amount" approach of CON 7, the answer to the simple fact pattern above is $80, being the sum of the expected values of $12, $14, $16, $18, and $20.
After considering how AGI varied as a function of age, they calculated expected values and 25th and 75th percentiles.
The aggregate expected value for the portfolio would then be the sum of the individual expected values.
In the new data's defense, Hemley notes that he and his colleagues used their measurement method on a variety of types of natural and synthetic diamonds of known hardness and obtained the expected values.
The metrologist relates the expected values of the sampling distributions for the results of measurement to the value of the measurand.
Engineering personnel use the automatically generated reports to check that process variables, such as cycle time, are holding to expected values.
The measured yields are in line with expected values.
However, the squared group means are random variables, and therefore we must consider their expected values.
com/reports/c90106) has announced the addition of Risk Analysis: Assessing Uncertainties Beyond Expected Values and Probabilities to their offering.