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Synonyms for expected

Synonyms for expected

known to be about to arrive

Antonyms for expected

considered likely or probable to happen or arrive

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Zopa Classic is also covered by Safeguard and has a PS10 minimum investment, but has an expected return of 4.
fB], volatility is a bad, and expected return as a good; then the investor will conceivably prefer a point on the efficient frontier of Markovitz (1952).
became a pioneer in the field of quantitative investing when he invented the first Expected Return Factor Model, capitalizing on natural inefficiencies in the market.
In January, the bank issued its first capital-protected car manufacturers note, with an expected return of up to 8 per cent.
In January, the bank's first capital-protected car manufacturers note, offered an expected return of up to eight per cent.
If one is interested in the expected return in any given month, the average returns across firms conditional on their existence would weight each firm's average return for the months that it exists by the number of months that the firm is in existence relative to other firms.
The expected return for a fixed period or fixed amount with no life expectancy involved is the sum of the guaranteed payments, or $144,000 (1,200 x 12 x 10 = 144,000).
Modigliani and Miller (1958) define the cost of capital in two ways: 1) the expected return on overall business value and 2) the return threshold for net value creation with incremental investment.
The study provides the first comprehensive analysis of the effects of liquidity and information risks on expected returns of U.
Farber, Gillet and Szafarz (2006) propose a general formula for the WACC in which the expected return on the tax shield appears explicitly.
This serves as the expected return of what is considered the "normal asset mix" or strategic asset allocation, considered the most appropriate portfolio to maintain over time.
Eric Belanger also made his expected return and played more than 16 minutes.
The classic view that "stocks follow a random walk," meaning that the expected return is constant over time, was first challenged in the late 1970s.
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