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Synonyms for expected

Synonyms for expected

known to be about to arrive

Antonyms for expected

considered likely or probable to happen or arrive

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Clients receive Expected Returns and Factor Payoffs each month for the region as a whole or for individual countries within the region.
As ROC falls to zero from the right, expected return approaches the growth unlevered cost of capital, [lim.
Moreover, as the level of debt is always proportional to the value of the unlevered firm, the expected return on the tax shield is the same as the cost of capital of the unlevered firm ([r.
Figure 1 uses a stylized example to illustrate the concept of tax risk: The two tax positions have the same expected return but different levels of risk.
Mean-variance optimization is a mathematical process that requires three inputs: (1) expected return of each asset, (2) expected risk of each asset and (3) the correlation coefficient of each pair of asset classes.
Siegel believes that current expected return on stocks is more in line with the historical "realized" return of 5 percent.
We draw our expected return data primarily from Value Line, an independent research provider that covers approximately 3,800 stocks.
The expected return, based on a total capitalized cost of $7.
Second, it means that policies, procedures, measures and monitoring are established and continuously improved, providing assurance to management and the board that the company is on target with achieving its expected return while controlling its accepted exposure to risk.
With the expected return of some injured players, Dustin Brown has a short amount of time to show the Kings his worth.
The profit from existing business equal to the expected return on the value of in-force business, including allowance for the cost of holding capital;
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Spieker Properties (NYSE: SPK) announced today that it recently commenced construction on two developments and completed one acquisition, representing an investment of $24 million and an expected return on capitalized costs of 12.
6 percent, more than double the expected return, Milliman found.
We want to make sure that the return on the investment is within the expected return of the investor, in this case Fannie Mae,'' Abdul-Rahman said.
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