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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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When using the empirical Bayes method the expected number of accidents on a specific location is calculated by weighting the registered number of accidents on the location and the general expected number of accidents for similar sites calculated by accident prediction models.
Newcastle was named by Tony Blair as a "Respect" action zone in January and the city council has asked the Home Office to reverse cuts which have left Northumbria Police unable to recruit its expected number of police community support officers.
The expected number of deaths (all causes) for 2005 and 2006 was the number of deaths by sex and age observed during 2002 2004 modified by an estimation of the population size for 2005-2006.
Using a dot with a smaller band gap increases the expected number of excitons because less energy is needed to push each electron over the threshold, Klimov explains.
He warns that if the bird flu virus mutates into a human killer infection, shutting schools could cut the expected number of young deaths to 50,000.
With the expected number of retirements over the next five years, the district's continued stability will depend heavily on the recruitment and retainment of highly qualified teachers.
Dividing poetry publishers into two categories, magazines and presses, this directory lists contact information for every entry, along with such relevant data as the number of poems or poetry titles published in 2004 and the expected number in 2005, the percentage of submissions published, and interest in previously unpublished poets.
In a metaanalysis of six studies, 11 cases of lymphoma occurred in 3,891 patients with inflammatory bowel disease, compared with an expected number of 2.
The total number of observed hematologic cancers in the cohort is 67, compared with an expected number of 24, giving a standardized incidence ratio of 2.
Under the new policy, campus police will base decisions about how much security is needed on the expected number of participants and the track record of the host group, Glavin said.
The RAI User's Manual clears up the question of what to do if the resident is expected to stay for at least 15 days but leaves early: "Calculate the expected number of days through day 15, even if the resident is discharged prior to day 15.
The expected number of failures is higher because a unit might fail more than once.
In 1999-2001, 8% of deliveries at nearly 2,000 hospitals in 18 states were planned cesareans performed on women who had not gone into labor and had not previously had a cesarean; 22% of these operations involved women who had none of 12 clinical conditions that have been characterized as appropriate indications for cesarean delivery, (1) Analysts who compared the actual number of cesareans performed with the number expected for clinical reasons found that 24% of hospitals performed more than the expected number of procedures.
Their grin-and-bear-it attitude persists, even though the expected number of take-offs and landings at the airport in 2007 has been revised to 136,000 by the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry--well below the KIAC-projected 160,000 necessary to justify the construction of the second runway.
There were 211 suicides among the twins studied, compared with an expected number of 292 established from the standard suicide rate.
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