docosahexaenoic acid

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an omega-3 fatty acid with 22 carbon atoms

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A spokesperson said: "ThE spokesperson said: "The NEAS is facing unprecedented challenges - health costs are increasing, demand is growing and patient expecta tions are rising.
Tu mentre al tuo Re piace / Expecta pur che in un voltar di ciglia / Non senza maraviglia / Fia ropto el vel ch'or la tua gloria adombra.
Eight of the the WOOD 100 companies have seen their sales expecta lions for 2002 increase.
In addition, positive expectancy participants were predicted to have greater psi scores than negative expectancy participants, and an interaction was predicted between participants' belief in psi and their expecta ncy condition, which would affect their psi results.
This sudden, seemingly odd, behavior is the result of the Chinese perceived self which is closely connected with the self's orientation to others' needs, wishes, and expecta tions.
BURDENOF EXPECTA TATTATAION But Jim Hamilton still believes Scots will get win they deserve
Laurens believes Origi's family background within the game has helped him cope with the expecta tions of succeeding at the top.
Expect some fireworks and big scores if the Chargers are to detonate as many expectA they will.
I know people have high expecta tions of me, but all I can do is my best.
EXPECTa rousing reception if Moscow Flyer resumes winning ways at Leopardstown on Tuesday.
Martek DHA is available for pregnant and nursing women in prenatal and nursing supplements, including Expecta Lipil from Mead Johnson and OptiNate from First Horizon Pharmaceutical, and Oh Mama
Schumacher can also expecta fierce challenge from team- mate Rubens Barrichello, who is pumped up to claim his maiden win in his home race.
By ROB GRIFFITHS KEVIN WILKIN paid the price for a disappointing league season and a failure to deliver on the expecta tions of the club, chief executive Don Bircham said.