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a toxin that is secreted by microorganisms into the surrounding medium

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It has been proved to be a very sensitive and specific technique for detection of the genes encoding alpha and epsilon exotoxins of C.
Antigenic compounds in GAS infections include the M-protein, hyaluronic acid coat and exotoxins.
More strikingly, the exotoxins produced by many pathogenic bacteria are encoded in the genome of lysogenic phages.
First, Aeromonas species can produce highly toxic exotoxins, which may lead to extensive myonecrosis as well as necrotizing fasciitis.
These exotoxins may be extremely potent and cause forms of toxic shock syndrome that may be fatal.
Examples of such toxins include endotoxins and exotoxins from bacteria, toxic amines, toxic derivatives from bile and many carcinogens.
12) Invasiveness of GABHS has been primarily associated with serotypes MI and M3 and with GABHS strains producing streptococcal pyogenic exotoxins A and B.
Endotoxins, exotoxins, and other chemical components in dusts associated with animal waste and human sludge have been linked to hypersensitivity reactions among individuals living near land application areas (Lewis and Gattie 2002).
Oblivion opens with the terrific "Mister Squishy," a typically circumlocutive, obsessively detailed, very Wallace-like account of snack-cake product testing, in which the testers and their techniques are themselves being product-tested, one of the marketers has been experimenting with phyto- and exotoxins and how best to inject them into the product, and a man in an outfit resembling the Mister Squishy mascot (but carrying what seems to be a rifle) climbs the outside of an office building while the crowd gathered below tries to figure out what he represents, all of it narrated by someone wearing an "emetic prosthesis," silently and creepily waiting "to get down to business already.
Pseudomonas causes disease by the release of exotoxins, which damage or destroy the surrounding host tissue, promote dissemination of the organism and paralyze the phagocytic mechanism.
It is believed that Augmentin and other broad-spectrum antibiotics dynamically kill bacteria, causing the bacteria to release exotoxins and other harmful agents that initiate an inflammatory response and increase the risk for necrotizing enterocolitis, she said.
In their active form, these bacteria secrete powerful exotoxins that are responsible for such diseases as tetanus, botulism and gas gangrene.
4) We heard criticisms that perhaps the vestibular loss was the result of the endotoxins or exotoxins from the infection itself or the result of a coincidental vestibular neuronitis.
Sporulation and the production of antibiotics, exoenzymes, and exotoxins.
TTSS consists of a complex, needle-like apparatus that is able to inject up to four different exotoxins directly into cells.