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a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

a woman who performs a solo belly dance

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But since the Great Recession, exotic dancers have found they can ill afford not to be paid the minimum wage, overtime pay and other benefits due to them by law.
Four former exotic dancers at Hurricane Betty's strip club on Southbridge Street in Worcester recently received money in a class action lawsuit in Worcester Superior Court.
Strip clubs claim that the exotic dancers are independent contractors, not employees.
Yet in case after case -- and not just in Massachusetts -- courts have ruled that exotic dancers are employees, not independent contractors.
argued that exotic dancers were independent contracts and were, therefore, not entitled to unemployment benefits, notes AP.
pdf) court documents , the labor auditor who initially investigated the unemployment claim gave four reasons why exotic dancers should be treated as employees and not contractors.
If the exotic dancer is laid off by the club, she is entitled to state unemployment and the club has to chip in to the state fund that supports the benefits, notes The Kansas City Star.
It turns out that the former exotic dancer who sued Visions over alleged wage and hour violations never wanted the case filed.
Shot on location in Las Vegas, the stripper capital of the world, this highly publicized annual sexy dance contest captured on video as "Girls Girls Girls Volume I," showcases the finest exotic dancers as they compete in categories such as "best strip tease" and "best lap dance" for the title of "Sexiest Stripper" and a $25,000 cash prize.
A Thousand Oaks couple and a Burbank exotic dancer have been arrested following a sheriff's investigation of a birthday party where detectives said she stripped for teen-age boys and committed a lewd act with a minor.
What we were told is it's becoming more and more common for teen-agers to have parties where an exotic dancer performs, and it's not just males who are having parties like this: It's girls, too,'' Sparks said.
Sparks said Craig and Julie Fritz paid exotic dancer Candida Fleeman to perform at their son's 18th birthday party in February.