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a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

a woman who performs a solo belly dance

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The building at 2165 West 11th was the longtime home of Jiggles, an exotic dance club, and later became the Hot Body Club, followed by the Office Gentlemen's Club.
Sarah-Jane Davis, boss of the PoleCats exotic dance teaching outfit, will try to win the eye of five millionaire judges, including Theo Paphitis, Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones, to get them to put real money into her blossoming business.
And choreographer Garth Fagan explained how wonderful it was to have Disney money to spend on exotic dance effects.
By pooling knowledge from a variety of sources, we have created a snapshot of the industry that encompasses video sales and rental, magazines, cable and pay-per-view, the Internet, exotic dance clubs, hotel in-room video on demand, mobile, and novelties.
The two gangsters, former Provisional IRA members, were earning EUR6million a year hiring heavies for pubs and exotic dance bars across Ireland.
In "Stripper's Ball," Jenna Jamison, of adult entertainment fame, and the eccentric sports star-turned entertainer, Dennis Rodman, host a tour of some of the wildest exotic dance and strip clubs in the world (Rodman to appear at Xenon's VSDA suite, Tuesday, July 29).
The two gangsters, former Provisional IRA members, were earning pounds 4million a year hiring heavies for pubs and exotic dance bars across Ireland.
Four years later, he renamed the club Chippendales, after the elegant English furniture line and began ``Male Exotic Dance Night for Ladies Only.
Thursday night's kick-off, ``Whore Carnival: A Festival of Sexual and Social Insurrection,'' was a showcase of performing arts, exotic dance, comedy, piano-playing, lip-synching and poetry-reading that lasted well past midnight.
A topless lapdance will cost EUR20 while an exotic dance (double the time) costs EUR40.
An onlooker said: "It's not every day that you get Britney Spears performing an exotic dance for you.
Based on simple exotic dance moves and the art of striptease, Tricia's parties incorporate aerobics for an invigorating, fun and healthy hour of full-body exercise that can be done in the comfort of any home.
Judi, 41, performed the exotic dance on the maternity ward for an hour, refusing a pain-killing epidural injection because she wanted a natural birth.
Have her writhe or spin just when and how you want or create an erotic and exotic dance program.
Howard wrote her comedic novel after years of tending bar at a strip club and doing intense research into the business of exotic dance and strip clubs.