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a compound that gives off heat during its formation and absorbs heat during its decomposition

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The exothermic heat decreased with the deepening of cure and no exotherm occurred after the heat treatment at 210[degrees]C, thereby showing the completion of the polymerization (Fig.
They demonstrate high hot/wet mechanical properties, ambient stability, excellent FST performance and low cure exotherm and shrinkage.
The polymerization heat, peak and maximum temperature of exotherm of B-z[(OH).
Exotherms are characterized by the presence of two crystallization peaks at 61-62 [degrees]C and 98 [degrees]C, whereas the endotherm has only one broad melting peak at 110-111 [degrees]C.
Following several unannounced inspections to Exotherm during the past weeks, FANR radiation safety inspectors delivered last Thursday official correspondence from the regulatory authority in this regard.
Higher filler levels keep exotherm within the normal range.
Azeotrope can be used as an additional method to control the exotherm.
It has mechanical properties approaching structural allograft, is strong in both compression and tension and has an extremely low exotherm," said Mike Weachock, VP of Sales and Marketing.
This adhesive bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, and many different plastics, and cures with low exotherm.
Mondur[R] MA-2300 isocyanate exhibits a longer pot life and lower exotherm than th e Mondur[R] PF and Mondur[R] PF-LT products.
Hoke, president of Abaris Training, indicated that "the chief advantages of this resin system include the ability to quickly patch the skin without applying heat and to repair large areas without exotherm problems.
Ancamine 2904 curing agent exhibits moderate pot life with rapid cure ability while also generating low exotherm to help increase production throughput.
MasterSil 153 has a low exotherm and long working life of 5 to 7 hours at room temperature.
In the case of the exotherm curves, the reduction in rate results from a total reduction in polymerizable ene and thiol groups in the mixture due to the high molecular weight per double bond of the vPOSS-B[u.
Crosslinking usually produces an exotherm, but it often is very broad, occurring over a wide range of temperatures, and is difficult to distinguish from the baseline, especially if solvent is being lost at the same time (an endothermic process).