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Keywords: Burkinabe masks, language, exoterism, esoterism.
To deal with the question of the esoterism of African masks, I propose breaking it down into three parts and examining them in turn: the basic concepts of the problem: mask, language, discourse, esoterisms; the exoterism (or non-esoterism) of masks as a demonstratively collective, popular and religious expression and the esoterism of masks: secrets, forms of transmission or handing down, problems in relation to modernism.
Historically, esoterism and exoterism were very widespread pedagogical practices used by the ancient Greek philosophers.
Exoterism is the domain of rituals, of moral precepts, of institutions; esoterism, that of transcendent wisdom and mystical union, of realization through direct knowledge of the Divine" (Glasse 9).
Quite neatly corresponding to the exoterism of the father and the esoterism of the son, there are two manifestations of Khattam-Shud in the tale: his corporeal self and .