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the exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs

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This new exoskeleton has been developed by Tecnimusa, a leading company on providing innovative engineering solutions to their clients who can not find a satisfying one among the current solutions in the market.
Forward-looking statements may include, without limitation, statements regarding (i) the plans and objectives of management for future operations, including plans or objectives relating to the design, development and commercialization of human exoskeletons, (ii) a projection of income (including income/loss), earnings (including earnings/loss) per share, capital expenditures, dividends, capital structure or other financial items, (iii) the Company's future financial performance and (iv) the assumptions underlying or relating to any statement described in points (i), (ii) or (iii) above.
The least mature part of the technology is what SOCOM is setting out to accomplish, namely exoskeletons for field operations.
Manmachine Intelligent Systems of Flexible Exoskeletons.
Ekso Bionics develops exoskeletons, or wearable robots, which have a variety of applications in the medical, military, industrial, and consumer markets.
Because the FDA made the decision to classify the device as Class II, all exoskeletons in the United States will also be Class II.
Today's most advanced humanoid robots, prosthetic limbs and wearable exoskeletons are limited by motors and hydraulic systems, whose size and weight restrict dexterity, force generation and work capability", said Dr Ray Baughman, the Robert A.
Most of the rehabilitation and healthcare robotic exoskeletons mentioned in the introduction are primarily designed to actively assist patients with motions (except for the T-WREX) [3-9].
Science advisor at the US Army's research command Lt Col Karl Borjes said that the requirement is of a comprehensive family of systems in a combat armour suit inclusive of exoskeleton with innovative armour, displays for power monitoring, health monitoring, and integrating a weapon into that.
He was the CEO of a start-up company called Ekso Bionics, and he explained that his company was developing a metal exoskeleton designed to allow wheelchair users to stand and walk on their own.
One of the robotic devices in the Toyota Partner Robot series is a mechanical exoskeleton for people's legs, according to representatives of Toyota.
As popular culture has illustrated, the thinking behind powered exoskeletons is not new, and several firms have been working on such machines since the 1960s.
The products are similar to the robotic exoskeletons of "Requiem" except these operate under varied gravities.
Counterintuitively, the researchers also found that chitin, a complex carbohydrate that makes insect exoskeletons hard, is not more abundant at the tip of the squid's beak than at the base.