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one of the minor orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed in the Roman Catholic Church

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someone who practices exorcism

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The Vatican also hopes to step up its game against demon possessions with an international conference in April that will go on for a week, in order to address a threefold increase in demand in Italy alone for the services of exorcists.
An exorcist can help a believer to escape their problems but not to solve them, psychiatrist Hunik says.
One clergyman, an exorcist covering London and Kent, said: "It's true to say there is a greater interest in exorcisms.
The International Association of Exorcists, made up of 250 priests across 30 countries, now have legal recognition of their work as a result of the Pontiff's decision.
Syquia said many dioceses do not have in-house exorcists, which drives the faithful to seek out "healers and occult practitioners.
Pope Francis often insists on the need to fight "Satan" and "demons", and was captured in dramatic images last year placing his hands on the head of a boy in a wheelchair who appeared to slump at his touch -- an act of prayer exorcists claim was intended to free the victim from the devil.
But Larson, who wears many hats--author, novelist, personal coach, pastor, TV and radio personality, cult expert, mountain climber--defends the practice against old-school exorcists and nonbelievers alike.
The secretive conference, which will be attended by around 300 exorcists and lay specialists, will take place at the Jasna Gora monastery- the most holy site in Poland.
Summary: FUJAIRAH - The Khorfakkan Criminal Court on Monday convicted two Emirati exorcists of causing the death of a UAE woman in her 20s while she was undergoing an alleged spiritual therapy session.
There are more exorcists in the United States now than at any other time in modern history, according to experts.
It may surprise some readers of the Gospels to learn that there were many exorcists who abounded in Jesus' day.
In 2001 he objected to the introduction of a new version of the exorcism rite, complaining that it dropped centuries-old prayers and was "a blunt sword" about which exorcists themselves had not been consulted.
She is also one of the best exorcists in the business.
He does this by whacking the exorcists on the back of the head with a 2x4; when Shintarou collects 300 notches on his 2x4, he will be a full-fledged Monster Guardian.