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one of the minor orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed in the Roman Catholic Church

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someone who practices exorcism

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Syquia said many dioceses do not have in-house exorcists, which drives the faithful to seek out "healers and occult practitioners.
The Vatican has now officially recognised the International Association of Exorcists which has 250 clerics in 30 countries.
But Larson, who wears many hats--author, novelist, personal coach, pastor, TV and radio personality, cult expert, mountain climber--defends the practice against old-school exorcists and nonbelievers alike.
The exorcists believe that Harry Potter spells and Eastern practices like yoga are the work of the devil.
The secretive conference, which will be attended by around 300 exorcists and lay specialists, will take place at the Jasna Gora monastery- the most holy site in Poland.
Investigations proved that the woman left for Khorfakkan city accompanied by some family members to undergo a spiritual healing session by two local exorcists.
Cases like Frank's pose predicaments not only for exorcists such as Thomas, but also for other priests, laity, and mental health professionals.
On a more serious note, the reason why Jewish exorcists used incantations from Solomon was because, as Dr.
In such a society, exorcists are as lauded as psychiatrists.
The movie opened this week and real-life Birmingham exorcists are worried it could spark a string of copycat cases.
According to The National Congress of Exorcists, up to five exorcisms take place in Mexico City every day.
WELSH folklore is full of tales of exorcists, men employed to rid houses of evil spirits.
Despite Channel 4's claim that Thursday's programme has a serious scientific purpose, Bishop Walker, who lectures and advises exorcists, worries it will do more harm than good.
But in the research we did we found that the church employs over 300 exorcists.
En que con mucha erudicion, y singular claridad, se trata de la instruccion de los Exorcismos para lancar, y ahuyentar los demonios, y curar espiritualmente todo genero de maleficio, y hechizos (Practice of exorcists and ministers of the Church.